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On stage and in english, Vasilis Ververis and Ksenia Ermoshina about Internet #censorship, at #RMLL2017

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#geek #RMLL2017

"In France, the government pays for censorship. In Russia, the ISP has to pay for it." #RMLL2017

"In Russia, all blacklists are public. Anyone can see them. In France, they are secret." #censorship #RMLL2017

OONI : platform for detecting #censorship Contributions welcome. #RMLL2017

OONI - OONI: Open Observatory of Network Interference

OONI - OONI: Open Observatory of Network Interference

Detecting #censorship is hard: you can have technical problems mistaken for censorship, for instance. #OONI #methodology #RMLL2017

"Ennemies of the Internet" in France: "SCPP, ARJEL, OCLCTIC" #censorship #RMLL2017

Speaking of #ARJEL, (the first censored domain) is still blocked on some #DNS resolvers (spurious NXDOMAIN seen). Censorship lags… #RMLL2017

To help mapping #censorship, install ooniprobe on your machine. #RMLL2017

Question in the room: any #censorship technique used in France, besides #DNS lying? (Apparently, no, more info is welcome.) #RMLL2017

@bortzmeyer There's still the "Toulouse Black List" applied at http proxies (squidgard) by many entities.
Deciding if it's censorship or protection of children is left as an exercise for the reader.

Blacklists UT1

Blacklists UT1

@mherrb The discussion focused mostly on "public" censorship, censorship done in public ISP. Corporate censorship may be a different issue.

@mherrb It _is_ censorship, no doubt about that (unless you practice newspeak). The question is "is it legitimate?"