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@Gargron @Pixley this, but she hands all the scariest grenades and knives to the baby

@Gargron I am doing a great job, thank you for noticing

@Gargron @Pixley this took way too long to make and probably isn't funny anymore if it was at all because it's probably plagiarism but I spent time on it so

@Gargron @Pixley I take it the mainstream media already placed #Mastodon on the list of "everything we cannot control and is therefore dangerous and we must scare people about it"?

@Gargron it rules that people who have no idea who I am got very confused about this, it sounds like I am making a joke, but no, I just find it extremely funny

@Pixley The only jokes I ever make are referential and there's always someone who doesn't get it. It is my life