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I feel like everything is a mess

have you heard of Jordan Peterson? He may be able to help

Especially after the disaster today I'm reminded of that feeling all so well.

What disaster?

The #fediverse went up in flames after #Gab put up their instance. I thought others were seeing it too... if not maybe it's just me that was unlucky to run into it.

Did they put it up already?

I think so. There are instances and people threatening other instances and people to block it. Dealt with some experiences after which I'm almost afraid to even discuss the subject. But it seems to have exploded sometime last night, so I take it that's when they brought it online.

everything is working fine I just wish the leftists and right wings on this platform understands that it’s not about who is right or wrong but what can we as an individual can do for a better world ideologies causes major disagreement I wish we could put our differences aside and stop allowing a corporate monopoly control all of us by keeping us fighting one another while they control the flow and supply of money and lobbyists that take away our rights to speak and express

that mean that you are alive

I hope you get a chance to take some time for only yourself soon. It's been a rough little while.

I feel you soooo much...😔