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Just to reiterate what I just posted from @Mastodon, here is v2.9.2:

Between v2.9.1 and v2.9.2, #Mastodon now has a basic moderation API, audio uploads, and admin-level domain blocks take care of subdomains automatically

quick question: which file do I look at for types of moderation actions?

It's "none", "disable", "silence", "suspend"


excited to implement the mod api~

approval_required with /api/v1/instance 👍

admin:read, admin:read:accounts, admin:read:reports, admin:write, admin:write:accounts, admin:write:reports

and there's no "all admin stuff" scope, I'm assuming?

probably for the best

There's no "all stuff" scope either, there's read and write. So there is admin:read and admin:write