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I disagree with Purism's hands-off moderation approach and I have urged them to re-consider their stance.

@Gargron Will you be blocking their instances from

@Gargron I’d like to boost this into my TL, but, ironically, I’d be breaking the rules of my instance to do so because it’s meta/political/drama discussion without a content warning. could you repost this with a “meta/pol/hate” content warning or thereabouts?

(And thanks for all your work on a platform where content warnings are a thing that exist!)


listen, I don't think you're right about a lot of shit but

classy move here, honestly

good on you

@Gargron I don't. It's time to have the free and open internet we were promised, which the #Librem instance is heroically helping us build. Nanny culture has gone much too far: It's time to accept that pixels on a computer screen are NOT some sort of physical danger that people can't handle. If anyone disagrees with something, they're free to simply block that user or even the instance themselves. Why does someone always have to take care of somebody else's thoughts?

@Gargron At least that would make more sense compared to a certain instance that's banned (not even media blocked) on, for the sole reason that it allows #artists to post "immoral artwork". Won't mention its name but I think everyone knows which that is.

That's also a good example as to why I strongly support Librem's no moderation approach: These days everything goes too far! What starts as justified #censorship for select cases almost always turns into random mass censoring.