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So... There is some drama in the #dota2 world because a player said something derogatory about Russians in a public match, and another player decided to boycott an upcoming tournament unless Valve steps in, and now somebody compiled a list of all instances of pro players saying racist stuff in public matches:

But the cherry on top is that the author of this list thinks the results prove that this is normal behaviour...

@Gargron I'm fucking screaming, that last sentence fuckign killed me

@Gargron Yea, I don't think anyone complaining is saying it isn't normal.

@M Double negative... I don't know what you are saying here

@Gargron Something being normal is irrelevant. Lots of bad shit was normal.

@Gargron It did make sense when i typed it. Promise.

When i read this i can't remember like half of the pros here. Also why should i care about what the pros are saying, the author has probably done the same things.

I think e-sports needed that. Players need to respect each other and avoid any kind of racist talk/behaviour. Just like the normal sports, there can be some kinds of player ban or penalty/fines for the offensive teams to discourage and prevent such cases.

@Gargron And I'm sure #Valve will grab a bag of pampers and quickly rush to the offended person to tend to their feelings: #Censorship first, ask questions later. This is once more why I'm glad #Purism runs their #Mastodon instance the way they do.