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Yeah I'm not sure about that takeaway, Vice. The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass

Quality reporting from Vice.

You should contact them and set the record straight.

congratulations to @ldopa for running the biggest node on Mastodon

call them out, it's bullshit and if they didn't even try talking to you, poor journalism.

They reached out for a general comment, and they're quoting our response in the article, but they never asked us to assess whether Gab is actually the biggest node, or how meaningful it is vs. active user numbers

then clarify that point with them, because its disingenuous reporting.

they never asked your asses tee hee hee

(fuck vice tbqh)

Shitty hot-take click-bait tier churnalism?
In my digital media?
It's more likely than you think.

Welcome to the smear machine :^)

well, another shitty article, another journey of PR crisis management

thank you for the myasstodon plug!

this just in: Eugen's ass is giant

M.S is... far right...?

eugen isnt your mother on here?

Yeah, it's fine though

also like pretty sure bot inflated and alts or dead accounts but hey, big numbers!!1

ah, being "technically correct, from a certain point of view".... the best kind of correct

sorry but I'm sure my ass is bigger than yours :blobenjoy:

@kaniini Well looks like the same point made about Pleroma now has to be made about Mastodon.

The users of the software does not equal the software itself or its creators.

People of the fediverse, hear my simple appeal to logic. Lots of bad actors use Apache and NGINX, two very popular web service packages. Does that mean its developers are nazis, and anyone who uses these web daemons are nazi supporters?

Bad actors are always going to use good software.

Related: Vice is just an internet tabloid

I take it your ass is invite only?

wasn't it still that japanese one anyway?

brb making an instance that reports the current world population as its member count

Either #Vice are incompetent, either they're doing this to discredit the network. #Gab is far from the biggest instance in the #fediverse and it's pretty silly anyone would claim otherwise. Considering they're going to run ads and paid memberships as well, I doubt they're going to attract all that many people either.

tbh, just leave it. Hardly anyone cares about what Vice says nowadays. The company is going down anyway.

Maybe we should strongly discourage running services that encouraging comparing Mastodon instances on the basis of size? After all, I think most folks come here looking for community, and a big instance is not going to provide that.

Maybe even remove the API from Masto that allows getting user count.

A reverse of the norm. Usually it's PORN that takes over a new technology 😉

I actually am mad that hack of Andrew merged his social media with Mastodon. Anyways, glad that I'm not the only one here to dislike Vice.

Next time they ask you for comment, just take a deep breath and be like:

"Hey. Can we get real here? You work for VICE. Are you okay, honey????"

The writer of the article is Ben Makuch, a national security reporter and the host of Cyberwar. The "Nazi vs Twitter" paradigm is either dying down or people are desensitized and they're just trying to rekindle old controversy because it's cheaper to do than actual [new]s reporting. Vice has investors from FOX and other large networks. Networks like Vice also utilize Twitter and Reddit to promote and if people are leaving Twitter or Mastodon, that's a big $$$ problem for them.

it's almost as if vice is a bullshit outlet for news that's full of really bad takes and misinformation for the sake of riling people up

I wonder why /api/v1/instance/peers and /api/v1/instance/activity are blank... It can't be because they don't want someone to see that all the numbers are fake, can it?

I really want to see "The biggest node on the Mastodon network is actually my ass" quoted on, like, Gizmodo and Ars Technica. Can we make this happen?

tech reporters wrong about tech news.

News at 10.

Considering standards of tech reporting, this article is actually has some accuracy efforts to it. I'd have expected then to say all of Mastodon is Nazis or Mastodon is a spin-off of Gab.

Vice has been a pro-establishment trash pile for quite a time now, this feels totally a deliberate strategy to discredit ''alternatives'' and to pile in ''the left'' together with the right.

biggest node on Mastodon? 😂 But also most blocked node on Mastodon, for the smallest federation 😂

this server seems to be just a mish-mosh of porn, anime, furry, posts in 20 different languages, advertising and random weirdness

It's only 1 instance. It might be the biggest, but all the others are more. Also it's the most blocked instance in the world. So, I'm not concerned at all.

media stream journalism is fucking dead to me, I moved to Mastodon from twitter because people of the alt-right managed to have twitter permanently banned me, Mastodon is one of the most welcoming and the most anti-far right platform I have ever been on, so stfu Vice

The largest node in the Mastodon network is actually your hypocrisy.

I'm mirroring the phrasing in the headline for comedic effect. I did not choose the headline. I don't believe "Mastodon network" is mentioned on any of our official websites or accounts.

Fair enough bb

i think about this toot everyday lmao