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#fennec which is #fdroidorg's unbranded #Firefox build now updated to v60. Finally bringing all Firefox quantum improvements to android:

Is Fennec regurarly updated alongside Firefox?

@avizini We try to keep it updated as best as possible, yes. But as it's a very complex build there are no guarantees.

@fdroidorg So, we have firefox on fdroid, finally? Or was it already there, but did I miss it? Anyway, great job!

@BartG95 It's been there for quite a while but for a few months now updates are working smoothly so it has been promoted into the main repo.

@fdroidorg Also, what is the difference between firefox and fennec?

@BartG95 I'm actually not sure... opened an issue to clarify this:

@fdroidorg really nice! Now if only they would make a decent app icon 😉

@dosch @fdroidorg I was going to say this, not trying to be mean but the icon is ugly :c
Also the name should probably just be Fennec

@eskuero @dosch
Current Fennec vs Firefox branding discussion happening here:

@jaan_paul Seems definitely better than before here!

@fdroidorg Does firefox sync work on fennec? Is there a FAQ? :D

@aldonogueira I can get at least to the login page with fennec. You should try it out and report back! 🙂

Currently we're gathering fennec related info here: