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Gab already removed the Monthly Active Users counter from their frontpage (a default Mastodon feature). That's easier than faking active user numbers I suppose :polarbear:

What's so hard about adding `users * 1000 + Random.nextInt(2000)`?


Work on facilitation of an allow list intead of block list for instances instead of running your mouth.

Work on facilitation of an allow list intead of block list for instances instead of running your mouth about them.

Work on facilitation of an allow list intead of block list for instances instead of running your mouth about them, right?

why do you even care? They’re not going to federate and have nothing to do with you.

wtf is gab?

Gab is Nazi twitter. They recently announced that they're joining the Fediverse, and the Fediverse has made it clear that they are not welcome


I also might not understand what you mean by "not welcome". I'm all for bullying them until they leave. But red flags go off when people start talking about ToS and shit.

Nobody has said anything about ToS, and even if they had, how is that a red flag in any way?

My point is that even if the Fediverse versus doesn't welcome them, there's literally nothing stopping them from spinning up their own instance. That would completely defeat the purpose of decentralisation. You can't be cool with decentralisation for some things and then against it for others.

You literally can be exactly that, and lots of people are, which is what you are seeing now. You are not force to provide services for anyone, and you can take steps to precent them if you don't like them.

Mastodon was founded on the idea of not giving a voice to the far right. That was literally why it exists.

you're not showing that you understand it that well

No, Dag understands it very well indeed.

So you're saying the sole purpose of Mastodon was to avoid people you don't like? Seems kinda smooth brained but ok. If you had said something like the purpose was to avoid the corrupt business ethics and data harvesting of Twitter I'd be down, but you're saying this was the point? Yikes.

If you block out the nazis, what assurance do people have that you're not going to block out other communities you decide you disagree with? That's where it gets to be bullshit.

someone is jelly. 🧐

can you unblock from

I can but I won't! Blocking them is conscious decision

that's OK I found uncensored instances i ccan move to. Thank you

So mastodon is another walled garden of heavy handed moderation? Guess I wasted my time trying to learn the platform...oh well.

holy shit, Gab has trends on the sidebar! Something #mastodon is really missing!
And the design is really cool, a great mix of twitter and mastodon, I need to credit #gab for doing a great design work. I really hope the single column design will be improved on mastodon 3.0

yeah, the point is: one of the killer features on #Twitter are the “trends” and the selling point is: twitter knows “what is happening now” and trending tags are a great feature, I can understand why somebody don’t like it, but most twitter users are lost on #mastodon without the “hot topics”. It’ll be really useful to have them active for everybody and admins should be able to disable them on admin panel.

btw I only checked the #gab desktop version and like it a lot, it’s easy and really close to Twitter, I’m keep having server errors so couldn’t test it deeply

they've only been connected a few days and already have a real search engine.

That's a Mastodon feature as well lol

seems they have now disabled both trends and full search lol

they're patching their server, so it's going down periodically. this is no minor migration. a normal instance doesn't have 1 million. i'm surprised it even works.

They don't have 1 million active users. Registered, maybe.

they have 6 million visits monthly, about 6 times the biggest mastodon instance, that's why they crashed so badly:

I'm wacthing Gab's feed live and it outpaces everyone else. Their users aren't interacting with other instances at this time.

The thing is I’m not banned or blocked from any of the big tech platforms, I’m simply disgusted with their censorship and want to support other free and more decentralized alt-tech platforms. For Eugen (an admin no less) to so flippantly dismiss new members because they believe in *gasp* a free internet makes no sense on a platform that promotes itself to be an alternative to the centralized big tech corporations. Is this the best mastodon has to offer?

pleroma is better than mastodon for connecting to the fediverse. Tell your friends