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@matt i thought this is a #tusky feature only. is it available in mastodon web app, too?

@Strubbl @matt
Yes, it's possible since a while with the api. You can do that with Fedilab too. You need to long press a delete button in notifications and confirm.

The delete button for notifications on #Fedilab is here. This will empty all your notification TL even on Mastodon Web.

@tom79 @Strubbl @matt

@dru18 Actually, you can choose whether to delete one specific or all the notifications, as you like.

@tom79 @Strubbl @matt

@tom79 By the way, can we choose to delete *old* notifications from a specific user ?

@tom79 Example :
- I go to the profile of foouser
- Show me foopings
- If no notifications from the user, show "You have no notifs from this foouser".
- Else
- Select from fooping, x notifs.
- Choice : Delete selected notifications / All notifications from foouser.

That would be easy but @Gargron needs to allow to fetch notifications through user ids.