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Firefox Lite est maintenant disponible sur @F-Droid 😊

Firefox Lite has less features but it is supposed to be faster and has a "turbo mode" that blocks trackers and ads.
(And it uses the Chrome engine instead of Gecko.)

Firefox Lite, Firefox Klar, Firefox Focus; Firefox Mobile, Fennec, IceCat Mobile...
On finit par ne plus rien comprendre 😕

Pour l'heure j'ai une 404 😔

Ah oui, l'index a été mis à jour donc l'application est installable mais il y a toujours un petit décalage avant que ça apparaisse sur le site.

@Unmual @kao98 @rudloff It's available in the client. The website deploy procedure is lacking behind.

@mmu_man @Pierre Rudloff @F-Droid Yes, I shared from the F-Droid app and totally forgot that the website is usually updated a few days later.