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Less than a day before the next #TWIF submission deadline! A whopping 68 apps were updated on #fdroid so far. Way too many to include all of them, so please tell us which updates are important, and why.

The new index is in at . This will probably be the last index update before the deadline.

Also thanks again to @rudloff who is responsible for most of the 12 new apps, with more in the pipeline, and even more being added as I type this!
@fdroidorg @rudloff Telegram is só important to update.

@dglbr It depends on Telegram Devs releasing their updated source code though. 😕

Hard to tell this time. KeePass because of keeping password safe and Mastalab for making Mastodon experience even better than before 😉

@fdroidorg @rudloff Privacy Browser is important! More people has to know about it!

@fdroidorg @rudloff it also has a Privacy Browser Guide which includes a lot of useful info