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We are looking for more maintainers for specific apps in #FDroid. Here is a list of some that would need some love:

* GNU #Ring
* #VLC
* #Fennec
* #Vespuccio
* #GhostCommander
* #Linphone

If you know how to build software in general, no particular Android experience is required. This can be picked up as you go :)

All of those already have working recipes available but all of them also have quirks that require manual action when updating.

Please get in contact, if you use one of these and are interested!

@fdroidorg I might be interested in #fennec. I use it and want to keep it good.

@dragnucs 😍 #Fennec is probably the most complex builds out of these and also the one needing the most love.

You can start by installing fdroidserver (from git master) and fetching fdroiddata and building with `fdroid build -v -l org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid`

It might not work out of the box but it'll get you on the right track.

@mindystclaire @captainepoch Try to build the current version of #vlc by installing fdroidserver@master and cloning fdroiddata, then running `fdroid build -v -l org.videolan.vlc`.

This should get you on the right track.


If you mean vespucci, the osm editor, I use it and can probably help.

@roptat Oops, yes!

History of the #fdroid build:

Now recently this came up:

The job here is basically to keep an eye on upstream releases and add them to f-droid in time.

@roptat @fdroidorg Feel free to contact me for the vespucci build. I've been maintaining it for now, but I hardly use it and have about 100 other apps that need taking care.

@Bubu @fdroidorg I finally successfully built Vespucci! What should I do next?

@roptat @fdroidorg Hah, I was looking into this, then I noticed that you already opened an issue 👍

Can you open a Merge Request against fdroiddata that adds the 11.1.4 version and sets 11.1.2 to `disable=regressions on older devices`?

@fdroidorg I'd love to know more of them, but VLC and Ghost Commander would be my choice, among others

@captainepoch Ghostcommander is a bit special as it's still using svn and ant. Updating it meens finding the right svn commit for a release and adding the fdroid build entry.

Also all the plugins are outdated and would need love.


I use linphone more or less frequently.

Could you give me a short overview about what would be my tasks and duty?

@patrik See our other replies in this thread. Start by building the latest version available in fdroid and then try to update to the latest upstream release. Feel free to drop by our IRC/matrix channel for questions.

@patrik or to better answer your question I guess: follow upstream releases/developments and make sure fdroid stays up yo date and can build the latest release.

@fdroidorg Can I help out without compiling stuff? (I only have a windows PC at the moment.)

@BartG95 this **might** work (with a virtualbox based buildserver VM) but is not really supported.

@fdroidorg definitely interested! What IRC network are you guys on?

@fdroidorg You mention Linphone as needing manual intervention when building, but wasn't the manual build quirk fixed? @finn submitted a pull request here in regards to that:

@bikecurious @finn I'm not sure, i just know tgat according to the wiki page it's currently outdated again.

@fdroidorg isn't VLC having a dedicated group of devs?

@_trojka but hey aren't involved in packaging it in fdroid.

@fdroidorg i don't understand. does every app need a special dev to package it for f-droid? isn't the procedure automated? thanks for your answer!

@_trojka Well, turns out that building multiple thousand of applications from source is not an easy problem. So automation will get us only this far.