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How to botch a good idea:

The #Android app "Too Good To Go" shall help avoid throwing away food that's still good to eat (but ran over the sell-by-date). You can find what markets close to you participate in the action and offer something today, saving money on the way.

Great idea, BUT: I'd never install that app. Comes with far too many trackers. Including Facebook and Google Crashlytics. Sad.

#privacy #apps

This I wanted to do for so long already:

App details including information on which trackers are shipping inside an app! Finally done!

(icons next to the tracker name link to details on the tracker at Exodus and Appbrain)

#Android #apps #privacy

My repo is back on 404 (apps, not response code). Now that my test device is ready, I've checked some of the "oldies": working ones got screenshots, broken ones got removed. Screenshot ratio increased in either case, as removed ones had none 🤣

To be continued. Bed time now.

#Android #apps

Your help is much appreciated: if in my repo, you find an app that doesn't work / is broken, please report it (via the repo's GitLab tracker at, here at Mastodon or by mail) – I cannot check them all by myself.

Similarly, if you miss an app that should be there and meets the repo's criteria: let me know, I'll take a look and usually include it.

Oh: same goes for my app listings, GitLab tracker at

Thanks! And boosts welcome :awesome:

#Android #apps

The Android app #Fedilab allows multiple accounts on multiple Fediverse services (incl. Mastodon, Friendica, PeerTube, Pleroma and GNU Social).

It's now charging for its Google Play version while keeping the F-Droid version free of charge, to encourage people off Google Play.

The Play version has a new address:

The F-Droid version remains at its current address:

You can follow Fedilab at:


#Fediverse #Alternatives #Apps #Mastodon

OK, jährlicher Listenputz ist wieder durch: Altlasten entfernt, Links von http auf https upgradet (wo immer möglich)… Als nächstes kommt dann noch der "SpringerCheck", da könnten noch einige Links wegfallen.

#Android #apps

Next in the track at 17:00: #FDroid: Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best #FreeSoftware #apps by in the Open Infrastructure Orbit

#35C3 #CCC

Thanks to @exodus (sorry folks for having put a bit load on your site during the past few days; I'm back to normal now), coverage on what apps on my app listings are tainted by what trackers now is close to 95%

Thanks for offering that great service 🙇

What app listings? These:

Watch out for those monitor icons (really offensive trackers) – but also for those yellow stars (no trackers found) next to the apps 😃

#privacy #android #apps

I love @fdroidorg but one feature I miss is "Changelogs" for apps. I'd like to know what this new update for my favourite app offers me. Is there a new feature? Or is there a critical bug fix?

Who else thinks we need this feature in #Fdroid?

#OpenSource #FOSS #Android #apps #updates

Aurora Store: Download apks from #GooglePlayStore

#AuroraStore is a #fork of #YalpStore by Sergey Yeriomin. It lets you download apps directly from Google Play Store as #apk files. It can search for #updates of installed #apps and lets you search for other apps.

Aurora Store provides a #MaterialUI to #Yalp #Store.

#fdroidorg #fdroid #libre #app @fdroidorg #altenative

RT Was looking for a podcast app in order to listen and found on and I mush say, I am very pleased! #foss #podcasts #apps

Have you heard of StreetComplete? It's an Android app that shows you open questions/issues with OpenStreetMap in your area, and asks you to answer them.

It's made for people with no experience with #OpenStreetMap, so it shows only very simple questions that can be answered very clearly. ("What is printed on this street sign?", "What's the number on this house?")

It's available on @fdroidorg, of course! #mapping #android #apps #recommendation