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We had an amazing meetup at the first day of #35c3. The developers of #K9 mail, #Tusky, #Öffi, #Newpipe and #Conversations were all there (and probably a few more I forgot)! Thank you all for coming.

Very nice to see some faces behind those names.

Sounds interesting, is a variant of the #Conversations #XMPP client which creates full fledged XMPP accounts based on your phone number to solve the user discovery problem. You can also connect you existing xmpp address with your phone number for a one time fee. Would be nice if Conversation would also query this directory (optionally) in the future.

#Quicksy is a spin off of the popular #XMPP client #Conversations with automatic contact discovery

Also #davdroid and #newpipe just got updated! (As well as #conversations, #ring, #maps and others)

Daniel Gultsch auf Twitter: "Please update to #Conversations 2.1.4 ASAP. Available on both Google Play and F-Droid. This fixes our first critical security issue. More details will follow after the majority of people have upgraded. Conversations Legacy and Conversations prior to 2.0 are not affected."

Big update today: @Tusky 1.6.1, @tom79 1.8.6, #conversations 2.1.1, #BRouter 1.4.11, @nextclouders 3.1.0 @fdroidorg 1.2.1 and many more!