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(To everyone who responded to this: I can tell you if everything arrived after I'm back in October :-))

What app do you want as foss in the #fdroid store?
Searching for new ideas.
#foss #android @fdroidorg

Does somebody still use my icon theme?
Should I publish a new version @fdroidorg

Paper (Icon theme) -

#fdroid #icontheme

Submitted #RocketChat app to #fdroid. Should be available there in a few days.

Got my own signing keys whitelisted in my #fdroid privilidged extension build now. 😃


Thanks for updating #Newpipe to v0.14. However it's the wrong version, still not working. The decryption error is fixed in v0.14.1. Can you please provide this update to the #FDroid community? Thanks!

@GOwin @AkuAnakTimur we're currently already working on bringing v3.2 to #fdroid! 😃

On another note: I could really use some test/development phones for #fdroid related stuff. Anyone got an old Android phone lying around they would like to donate?

Doesn't matter much what version or flavour of android they are running as long as touchscreen/display/WiFi is still working they could be useful.

Has someone got a template text to send to companies/organizations why they should open source their apps and add them to #fdroid?

Maybe we should write some and put it on somewhere 🤔.

Someone tooted that #OsmAnd from #FDroid is more feature rich than what's from the Play Store? 😲

@alexl Fancy! #FDroid works out of the box on it! 😃


Content warning: From birdsite

We are currently having a discussion on the F-Droid forum about letting apps toot to the Fediverse. This would be used to share app changelogs, and eventually display comments from the Fediverse inside the F-Droid app. Unfortunately, none of us has experience with Mastodon/Pleroma development, so it would be very helpful if a developer could give some input.

The thread is rather long, so feel free to make a comment here or on the forum and we will give you specific questions we have.

#mastodev #pleromadev #fdroid is not available on #Fdroid yet ?

Its seems open source :

Would be nice to have a more user friendly alternative to #osmand

poke @fdroidorg

@tom79 this goes the same for #fdroid bug reports (which are done via #acra as well) :-)

Release 1.11.0 is available on #fdroid.

For the changelog:


I don't do this very often, but I'm going to be a fanboy over an awesome android app I use to help me to develop consistency in my habits. The app is called Loop Habit Tracker, available in gplay store and #fdroid.

If you think about getting in the habit of something on a Sunday, but forget by Monday... then give this a go. It tracks your progress, provides reminders and has helpful widgets.

I'm using it to cut back on smoking, stay in the gym, meditate... just be better :)

@fdroidorg @paulfree14 @switchingsocial I'm referring to the app named "MAPS.ME" that's on #fdroid, not the"Maps" app. @paulfree14 asked why there are 2 separate apps listed.

I feel like my shitty phone is a lot faster since i disables almost all google services and started using #FDroid. Big thanks for these folks @fdroidorg ❤️

thank you.
but I can see on #fdroid also
Is that then also another version?
If not maybe deleting it from fdroid or adding some anti-features?

Tracking the #fdroid classic progress here:

Now: sleep.

#FDroid 1.4-alpha1 just got released. With huge UI improvements in the version list and lots of other small fixes.

#CowsRevenge has only been on #fdroid for a day and already is my favorite fdroid game. Honestly I've always wanted the be THE COWEST!
(And the creators' English is really quite good despite their apology in the description)

I just forked #FDroid client 🙈

And @Tusky 3.0 is now live on #FDroid!

To #fdroid users, release 1.10.4 that allows to pin instances and interact with cross-account actions is available. But this release introduces a regression concerning your timeline, your current position won't be recorded. Release 1.10.5 that fixes this bug should be available soon.

We've been mentioned in the biggest #FDroid #TWIF ever! 😀 Thanks for all the hard work of @fdroidorg volunteers who helped publishing our encrypted email app. 👏👉

#OSMAnd update 3.1 is live now on #fdroid!

Remember that #fennec #fdroid logo post I got so many people reacting to? According to the latest #TWiF ( @fdroidorg are all proposals in and they are ready to vote for the best design! 😎

If you missed it yesterday: @nicoalt has written a proposal for integrating #fdroid packages with #mastodon/#activitypub! The best thing about this proposal? It could in the future power comments and popularity of apps in F-Droid. 😍

I wrote down an idea for integrating #FDroid repos with the #fediverse: fdroidpub. Please comment on it!

Mais ça a l'air vachement bien #Briar pour communiquer de manière sécurisée, soit par Tor, soit en Wifi local, soit en Bluetooth... en mode un à un, groupe privé, forum et blog. Et tout ça sans serveur !
Il très prochainement dispo sur le dépôt principal #FDroid

You'd think working on a game is more fun than coding other things. But I was unsatisfied with what I did for #LDJam so far, so instead I decided to fix a few #fdroid bugs. 🤷


Content warning: From birdsite

@valeryan24 maybe check #fdroid's network settings if it's allowed to use wifi/mobile network?

For all who tested #fdroid client 1.3/1.3.1: noticed any regressions that would block it from being marked stable version?

In the wake of the #FDroid 1.3 update we managed to get the main apk linked from or homepage moved to the archive 🙈 🙈 🙈 . Use this direct link to the latest apk until this is fixed:

If you depend on the swap feature in #FDroid you should wait with updating until it's fixed in 1.3.1 which will hopefully be out tomorrow.


Content warning: From birdsite

New index update live again, this time with #DavDroid 2.0 #FDroid 1.3, #Termux update and others.

@bjoern Hatte überlegt, ob es Sinn macht bei der nextcloud conf einen talk über #fdroid zu halten. Mir fehlt grade noch ein bisschen der thematische Aufhänger, der es mit nextlcoud verbindet. (Außer, dass eure apps da sind.) Was meinst du?

@JayVii_de @kuketzblog @fdroidorg
Firebase geht vom Prinzip her nicht in #fdroid, upstream hatte daher von jeher einen build flavour.

Dann haben sie analytics irgendwann auf Matomo umgestellt, das war dann auch im F-Droid build (mit entsprechender Warnung), dann ein paar Wochen später wurde es für F-Droid opt-in statt opt-out, und dann später durch #gdpr überall opt-in.

Ich hatte irgendwann mal in den Code geschaut, sendet hauptsächlich activity enter/leave events, und wenn aus, dann aus.

@wowaname @hellpie they have come up, yes. But there are more important architectural changes to the whole server infrastructure that need to be done.

But if someone wants to start working don't this please feel free to discuss this in the issue tracker and in #fdroid-dev.

Went on a road-trip equipped only with my #Fairphone 2 using FairphoneOpen and #FDroid. Never thought I'd life to see a privacy friendly and #FLOSS smartphone which is a totally reliable travel companion. Worked perfectly.


How can one start developing for Android, specifically F-Droid? Especially so as to not depend on Google Play Services, what resources are recommended? Also should one develop on the official Android Studio? Would like to hear some technical words of advice.
@fdroidorg #fdroid

Usuários de #Android que gostam de ver ou ouvir vídeos no #YouTube mas ficam igual o :canarinho_pistola: por causa das propagandas ou do app ruim, tenho uma solução: Chama-se #NewPipe.

- Dá pra importar o que se segue.
- É simples e leve.
- Sem propagandas.
- Sem conta.
- Sem sessão de comentários.
- Independente do Google Play Services.
- Suporta download, playlist, pop up, tocar em 2º plano e etc.

E o mais importante: está no #FDroid e é #SoftwareLivre.


#Öffi will be in #fdroid very soon:

Thanks to reproducible builds it will have the same signature as the versions from the play store and the the author's own #fdroid repo, so you can update from there.