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I released #Fedilab 2.11.0 🎉

What's new:
- Wysiwyg for #Pleroma users
- Statistics of your statuses
- Improvement with the upload feature
- <img> tags are now fetched in statuses and images are displayed
- Fix upload for #Friendica and #GNUSocial


@Michael Vogel @Hypolite Petovan the displayed age and username with Arabic characters is flipped. #bug #friendica

Yay! Embarrasing for an association that promotes #federation, our main #social platform #Friendica had a break down in federation that was not realized for some time.

The issue was something related to #MySQL configuration which for some unknown reason became incompatible a few weeks ago. Furious hours long debug sessions finally made things work better and we're federating again ✌

Extremely sorry about that for any users of this server.

Friendica's #frio theme - established since 1882!


Tastes like strawberry-orange. #friendica

I'm saying myself the opposite. I have to implement an ACL selector based on tags input with groups and users for #Friendica and uuuugh.

A bot is currently running on the #Mastodon network that regularly create accounts on different instances and spams comments and mentions. It's annoying, for sure, but I realize that I prefer cleaning the spam on my #Friendica node than blocking ad-running accounts on #Twitter.

Happy Birthday - 9 Jahre Friendica

Vor 9 Jahren, am 1. Juli fiel der Startschuss (git push) für das großartige dezentrale soziale Netzwerk Friendica. Seither arbeiten Entwickler, Tester, Übersetzer und eine sehr tolle Community an der Weiterentwicklung dieser Plattform, deren Philosophie es unter anderem ist, mit so vielen anderen Plattformen wie möglich kommunizieren zu können.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und vielen Dank für dieses tolle Projekt und eure Arbeit. 🌻🚀🎊🎉

Happy Birthday Friendica!


Many thanks to all who have contributed, the active and the alumni! <3 No matter how big the contribution was.

!Friendica Developers

#Fediverse #Federation #Friendica #Mastodon #Hubzilla #Pleroma #GNUScial #Netxtcloud #Pixelfed #PeerTube #WriteAs #Diaspora

76 user on my #Friendica server, I think not one of them is active and more than 75% didn't post anything at all.

Share freedom – Get this Extension for 🦊 #Firefox to share web content with these supported services/protocols:- #Hubzilla / #Zap / #Osada / #Zot6
- #Friendica
- #Mastodon / #Misskey
- #Socialhome
- #Prismo
- *
- #Pleroma
- #Diaspora
- #Gnusocial

Theme Developers

Are there theme developers out there that want to create additional themes for Friendica?

It would be great to have some more crowdpower on that topic. If you are interested, just visit

#Friendica #Theme #Federation #Fediverse #developer #development


Twitter account protection debriefing

Several months ago I protected my #Twitter account to protect myself from myself. I wasn’t a target of any harassment, but I often couldn’t help myself replying on random people’s replies on a tweet that was shared by my contacts. This regularly devolved into dragged-on, sleep-depriving, anxiety-inducing conversation that lead nowhere.

Today, I’m still sometimes disappointed that I can’t directly reply to my Twitter contacts that aren’t following me back, but I also remind myself that I can come across as annoying on Internet, so little of value is lost in that regard.

But on the other hand, I can’t remember the last time I had a night-long pointless conversation with a random Twitter user who ultimately doesn’t care about what I have to say. It doesn’t happen on #Friendica because I only receive the posts and replies from my direct contacts, which limits my exposure to toxic accounts.

Which means that I don’t have to protect my #Friendica account, and I’m grateful for it.


If you want to use the Fediverse through a Facebook-style interface, you may want to try Friendica.
Some good instances to sign up at:
You can use Friendica through the @fedilab app.
It federates through ActivityPub with Mastodon etc and it also lets you follow RSS feeds as if they were users.
The developers are very active with regular new releases.
#Friendica #Facebook #Alternatives #DeleteFacebook #ReplaceFacebook

I should probably add that contact filters are only available on the latest RC branch of #Friendica.

Since we now have contact filters, here's a breakdown of my contacts from #Friendica by protocol (Followers/Follows/Mutuals):
  • DFRN: 147/105/90
  • Diaspora: 174/103/96
  • OStatus: 171/16/8
  • ActivityPub: 139/89/39
  • Twitter: 200/154/(69 or 141?)


Some thoughts on Frio - including possibly a necessary security update

!Friendica Developers

Hey all!

First important part of this - - I believe we should get Bootstrap in Frio updated to version 3.4.1 as it's affected by this vulnerability. I've created PR #6736 for this. As it's my first PR for Friendica, I hope I've done it appropriately. (I realise the CVE notice only mentions 4.3.1 but you'll see from the Bootstrap release notes that V3 is affected too)

Beyond the XSS vulnerability, as I've been poking around with updating the XMPP addon, I've discovered that there is a conflict with converse.js and Frio as converse.js versions 3.x and newer use Bootstrap 4, and Frio uses Bootstrap 3. There's conflict with that scenario, witnessable if one tries using the converse widget from converse's own documentation site (where they apparently have Bootstrap 3 in use on the docs site).

I've done some Friendica discussion searching on the bootstrap topic, and it sounds like it's come up a bit in the past, but may be a rather large project to accomplish.

In spending some time looking at all the things that have changed between Bootstrap 3 and 4, it seems like it's a pretty good-sized list, but is it going to be unmanageable due to some factor that I'm not grokking from my limited experience with changing things like this?

I have started poking around with this change myself, just to see what happens as I do the modifications. It looks a little discouraging on the surface, but I also honestly haven't got very far in to switching things around. For someone who has done theme development in Friendica and is familiar with Bootstrap, I would love to hear their thoughts on this topic.

#frio #friendica #theme #securityalert

Personal bookmark:

I doubt I can apply it in its entirety to #Friendica without major rewrites, but I'll try my best!

#php #webdev #security

Les utilisateurs de #mastodon qui envoient des messages découpés en plusieurs toots devraient comprendre qu'ils arrivent à la limite de l'outil, et donc envisager d'en changer.
En restant sur le micro-blogging il y a #pleroma (qui limite à 5000 caractères).
Et en quittant le micro-blogging (car il ne faut pas s'aveugler, ça n'en est plus au bout d'un moment), il y a #hubzilla, #friendica, #osada...

Rappel des alternatives sur le #fediverse :

Can anyone recommend a good open-source Android authenticator app or three? I'm writing the two-factor authenticator help page for #Friendica but I don't know anything about the #Android ecosystem.


My First Friendica Contribution

!Friendica Developers

I've been enjoying my #fediverse experiment with #friendica so much I want to contribute a little. I was thinking of trying to pick up this issue (I posted in the issue that very thing as well). It's listed as a Junior job and it doesn't look like anyone has done anything with it yet. I figured I'd post in here in case I'm missing something about complexity, work already started, etc.


Friendica Directory User Preferences

Hello all @Libranet Support
If you want your profile to be found in the user directory of your Friendica node or in the global Friendica directory, you should enable the following settings:


These settings are implemented as opt-in during registration. They are therefore deactivated by default for new users.

The advantage of being listed in the directory is that you will be better found when users search for potential new contacts.

This is how it looks in the global Friendica directory:


#friendica #directory #help #instruction #tutorial


This might suck, but I think it was needed...

Before I launched a #Friendica #server, I looked for a #demo on the system to see if I would like it better than Diaspora or other options. I couldn't find such a video so today I finally made my own. I know I have technical issues and it was an unplanned wandering through, but hopefully, I get others to make better ones.

When I reinstalled Chrome on my Windows machine to test a display bug in #Friendica, I sure wasn't expecting it to remember the last open tabs, all the extensions and my signed-in Google account in the browser. I guess I'll have to find how to scrub everything clean.

I'm at this point in my own political journey where I don't believe we'll ever reach a free and equal society. We weren't able to do so during the most prosperous period of humankind so far (post-WW2), so I don't expect us to be able to do it now that we are getting less with the same effort. Whether it is from wealthy rich people tightening the leash to stay wealthy or from climate change incurring massive maintenance costs, there will be less to share among people.

So I don't believe neither in revolutions because of what you said nor in incremental changes because they can easily be discarded by greedy people on a whim.

Instead, I'm now just trying to be the best I can for the people around me from my privileged position. In practice, this means working on #Friendica in the same fashion you're working on Agora, but I'm not inscribing it in the grand scheme of things. If it provides a better social media experience for some people, its goal will have been fulfilled whether a free and equal society is reached or, most probably, not.

@Hypolite Petovan , do you know if there is some option that controls if forum posts (normal posts that I make where ! tag the forum) will show up with all my regular posts? Right now they do not - is that the expected behavior? I'm trying to make them show up both in the forum and on my own time-line. #Friendica


Friendica search is working very slow, even timing out with a 504

@Hypolite Petovan , maybe you could shed some light on how to better deal with the search feature... Almost every search I perform results in a 504 error, at least the first few times I try. I've increased the number of php fpm workers and lowered the nice value a bit (also for nginx workers), as my server does do quite a few tasks - but it's pretty finely tuned and resources are typically available (unless things get really hectic). Is there anything else I can do? I've tested under my lightest loads, even after freshly restarting php & nginx. Everything else on my site is fairly low latency. I see from the admin settings that the search does a global search in the background to cache it for later searches, but it seems like it doesn't work until I finally get it to not timeout with the 504...

Could this have more to do with the remote server than my own? Now, I know a 504 is a gateway timeout and means the remote server didn't give us everything we needed in time... but I'm not sure if it's because that server is going slow or if it's because the search is just trying to do too much (see php fpm slow log).

Does the global directory setting set the site that this search uses (currently set to: Is there an alternate directory you could recommend I use for searches?

I just thought maybe before I spend too much more time on this you (or someone from the team) might have some tips or insights :)

PHP-FPM slow log:
[19-Mar-2019 21:32:53] WARNING: [pool www] child 14135, script '/var/www/friendica/index.php' (request: "GET /index.php") executing too slow (75.532601 sec), logging
[19-Mar-2019 21:32:53] NOTICE: child 14135 stopped for tracing
[19-Mar-2019 21:32:53] NOTICE: about to trace 14135

[19-Mar-2019 21:32:53]  [pool www] pid 14135
script_filename = /var/www/friendica/index.php
[0x00007f6ddbe9dda0] curl_exec() /var/www/friendica/src/Util/Network.php:212
[0x00007f6ddbe9db58] curl() /var/www/friendica/src/Network/Probe.php:1346
[0x00007f6ddbe9d8f0] ostatus() /var/www/friendica/src/Network/Probe.php:696
[0x00007f6ddbe9d688] detect() /var/www/friendica/src/Network/Probe.php:333
[0x00007f6ddbe9d420] uri() /var/www/friendica/src/Model/Contact.php:1139
[0x00007f6ddbe9d1c8] getIdForURL() /var/www/friendica/src/Model/Contact.php:1193
[0x00007f6ddbe9d070] getIdForURL() /var/www/friendica/src/Model/Contact.php:2096
[0x00007f6ddbe9cd08] magicLink() /var/www/friendica/mod/dirfind.php:228
[0x00007f6ddbe9cb90] dirfind_content() /var/www/friendica/src/LegacyModule.php:69
[0x00007f6ddbe9ca98] runModuleFunction() /var/www/friendica/src/LegacyModule.php:44
[0x00007ffc5e13dbf0] content() unknown:0
[0x00007f6ddbe9c828] call_user_func() /var/www/friendica/src/App.php:1765
[0x00007f6ddbe9c6d0] runFrontend() /var/www/friendica/index.php:17
[19-Mar-2019 21:32:53] NOTICE: finished trace of 14135

/var/log/nginx/social-linuxlusers-com.access.log:*.*.*.* - - [19/Mar/2019:21:31:10 -0400] "GET /dirfind?search=foss HTTP/1.1" 504 578 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/2.2.1388.37"


Decentralised & Free Social Networks

For those who are #newhere from other social networks, here’s a bit of handy vocabulary to #help you navigate this new social network universe:

- Protocol - An agreed format that enables software applications to communicate with (or “federate” with) each other. The two most heavily used protocols around here are Diaspora and ActivityPub. As an end user, you don’t have to care about the protocol you are using and you don’t ever see the “protocol” other than it enables or limits which users you can see.
Nevertheless, be aware that currently not all the platforms (see this word later) are fully compatible and limit you in the possibility of interactions.

- Platform - The software application that implements a protocol(s) for federating. The Diaspora platform implements the eponymously named Diaspora protocol. Mastodon, for example, implements the ActivityPub protocol. #Friendica implements both the Diaspora and the ActivityPub protocols.

- Server - pod - instance - node - The server(s) running a particular platform (software application). The variability in naming is due to the various origins of these platforms now working to intercommunicate.
For example, is one of the many pods running the Diaspora platform; is one of the many pods running the Mastodon platform; and is one of the many pods running the Friendica platform.

- The Federation - The collective of servers running platforms that implement the Diaspora protocol. This includes all servers running Diaspora (the software application), Hubzilla, Friendica, or Socialhome. The users on *any* of these pods can connect to and interact with each other.

- The Fediverse - The collective of servers running platforms that implement the ActivityPub (and OStatus) protocols. This includes all servers running Mastodon, Pixelfed, Hubzilla, Friendica, Socialhome, or many, many others. The users on *any* of these servers can connect to and interact with each other.

- The Free Network - The collective of pods in The Federation and The Fediverse, combined.

Hope that helps and doesn’t make this seem more complicated than it actually is. The main difference from other social networks is that no single entity owns and runs a platform. On G+ or Facebook, you are locked into that platform/company to talk to other users. In the Free Network, one set of volunteers writes the software and puts it out there for free, and another set of volunteers downloads the software and runs it on their servers and invites us to have user accounts for free. (But you should definitely donate to help them with the costs, if you can.) If we, as users, decide we aren’t happy with our current experience, we can change platforms or pods and still keep all of our friends/connections. On Facebook, G+, Twitter, and the like, you are locked in; and if you want leave, you go cold turkey.

Glad you joined us here in the land of choice.
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