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Either #Vice are incompetent, either they're doing this to discredit the network. #Gab is far from the biggest instance in the #fediverse and it's pretty silly anyone would claim otherwise. Considering they're going to run ads and paid memberships as well, I doubt they're going to attract all that many people either.

Tiens j’aimerais bien votre avis sur la présence du réseau social des nazillons #gab sur #mastodon.

Vous administrez un #relai? Vérifiez donc que ne s’y soit pas abonné… J’ai l’impression qu’ils se sont abonnés à tous les relais existants.
#Relay #MastoAdmins

I see the #Gab federation as absolute win.
Predicting the future:
- Gab finally switches to their Mastodon fork
- some Gab users switch to their own hosting, as Gab source code must be open since Mastodon is on a strong copyleft license (AGPL-3.0), so they have Pro features for free/much cheaper
- dies, as their financing doesn't work anymore, but the source code is again forked by someone and it's a good contribution to fediverse, some improvements even get commited back to Mastodon

btw I only checked the #gab desktop version and like it a lot, it’s easy and really close to Twitter, I’m keep having server errors so couldn’t test it deeply

holy shit, Gab has trends on the sidebar! Something #mastodon is really missing!
And the design is really cool, a great mix of twitter and mastodon, I need to credit #gab for doing a great design work. I really hope the single column design will be improved on mastodon 3.0

🚨 ⚠️ Instace owners,

Gab seems to be using the "" domain name. Please block this ASAP.

#Fediverse #Gab #Mastodon

This is a drum I keep beating: It's key to watch and be ready to counter the #Gab launch into the #fediverse July 4.

Here is where they think they will be at launch. Important that they still say there will be Apps supporting them in the App stores and a list is coming.

I'm sure none of this is news to most but wanted to keep an eye on it and share to #admins and to #Mastodon App developers. cc: @tootapp @tootleapp @JPEG @pixelfed @Gargron @Tusky


Content warning: framasoft, rant, guignols

Hi @Gargron - assume you saw #Gab's recent tweets. Nothing really new, but wanted to be sure their latest claims were in your field of view.

Twitter link:

the new terms of service #gab is working on are actually not quite pro-freespeech and I guess they might end up blocking more instances than they will be blocked from

the new terms of service #gab is working on are actually not that pro-freespeech and I guess they might end up blocking more instances than they will be blocked from

all this #gab ‘drama’ took a place just to let @dansup finish federation without being distracted 🤔

#Gab #Fedilab

Gabbers work w feds. They’ve had campaigns where they’ve reported sex workers to police and the IRS. They’ve reported nonwhite Immigrants to ICE and the NSA. They’ve doxxed activists and abuse victims. This is not just a ‘free speech’ issue. You’re responsible for who you federate with and who you allow on your platform. Minimizing the threat they pose is just you minimizing your complicity in their violence. We’re not fooled.

Oh, great! Fight #fascism by isolating the fascists ! . . .
Eh... Hmmm... When did that actually worked?
#communism #gab #fedilab #tusky #anarchy #brainstorming

I will stop here with #Gab by removing the block feature inside the app in the next release.

My motivations:

- I didn't receive a reply from Google policy team about a potential ban of the application.
- Without the previous risk, I clearly think that's not my role. I can't hard-code instance blocks especially when every tools are here for that.
- If you want a strong block, it's in the hands of social network developers or your admins.

The #fediverse went up in flames after #Gab put up their instance. I thought others were seeing it too... if not maybe it's just me that was unlucky to run into it.

⚠️ Alerte : Les gens de vont s'amuser à forker Mastodon, et sans doute les applications mobiles qui vont avec, pour mettre en place un réseau social parlant #ActivityPub. Ce machin va être un repère de fachos, du suprématistes blancs, d'homophobes et j'en passe.
Amis soyez prêt à réagir en votre âme et conscience pour ne pas laisser la haine que ça va drainer pourrir le Fédiverse.

Cf et

cc @tom79

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