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#GlitchSoc announcement

Next merge from upstream is going to introduce a few quite disruptive changes:
  • Drop support for OStatus and Atom feeds
  • Add an anti-spam feature that auto-silences and auto-reports remote accounts posting very similar (according to the Nilsimsa Hash algorithm) unsolicited (as in, mentioning at least one local user they are not following, and not in reply to a message mentioning them) messages. It is currently not optional.
  • Sign every fetch with the representative account (that is, the contact account if it is defined, the first non-suspended local account in the database otherwise)
  • Add an option to disable reverse proxy caches and only serve toots if there is a valid signature (it is unadvisable to enable that option right now, as no Mastodon release currently signs queries, also, it is likely to increase resource requirements a lot)

Tiens, même message que pour #GlitchSoc : si vous êtes intéressé⋅e par une version #Yunohost de #Florence, mettez un fav 🙂
Et si vous voudriez contribuer, idem, voire mieux si vous répondez à ce message 🙂

(Et repouets appréciés, évidemment 🙂)

Hello dear fediverse,

FYI we are now running a #Mastodon fork: #GlitchSoc, it's an updated and improved version of the original software with many enhancements.

Have a good day!

#Maf #announcement

#GlitchSoc users: be aware that there are several ways for (unlisted or public) local-only toots to be viewable without being logged in!
They do not federate, but they can be seen if someone knows how to look at them.
It should be fixed shortly.

Hey! I'm pretty much alone working on #GlitchSoc nowadays!
Which is okay I guess. But it also means I get very few eyeballs looking at my changes, and very few feedback.
So please have a look and tell me what you think about those changes?

#admin #GlitchSoc hey, I merged all the recent commits from glitch-soc onto my instance's fork and did the upgrade, but the instance interface still shows 2.4.3 instead of 2.4.4. Did it still apply the urgent security patches?

Hey, what does that eye in the top right corner do? I don't remember seeing it before, and it might be #glitchsoc-specific!

there are a number of servers which just launched running #glitchsoc it seems so i'm going to start monitoring that hashtag and feel free to post there if you have questions or comments or wanna get involved!! or like just lmk!! i try to be easy to talk to!!