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@Gargron Please don't do anything: This will NOT affect #Mastodon in and of itself. Unless they conduct door-to-door persecutions against people who own instances worldwide, they cannot do anything against non-corporations anyway.

Bon matin #Mastodon !
Moi c'est ☕ et 🚅, avec une fort belle semaine (car en fort belle compagnie) en perspective.

Finally, I published 1.77.1

What's new :
- Poll support for #Mastodon 2.8
- Fix an issue when following #peertube instances
- Ability to hide the delete button in settings.
- Ability to remove images (og) when sharing a link.

More :


Funny, only my shit is visible on @Gargron private instance. :moji5:

I wasn't feeling enough part of #Mastodon yet, so I'm posting a cat pic (mine!). This should please @Gargron 😉

Very happy to share this with you today! Commissioned by @ryanlittlefield ! A cool mastodon with a fresh pizza !!

#MastoArt #mastodon

@Gargron @HTHR So #Mastodon still requires a special Linux user and more worryingly a custom systemctl service (with root access). That's why I don't try running my own instance yet.

Hello, est-ce que quelqu'un-e connaît l'admin de l'instance #mastodon ? Son certificat TLS a expiré il y a 3 jours et le serveur web #Nginx renvoie des erreurs 503...

#adminsys #admin #mastoadmin


Our #Mastodon instance is now full of #emojis made by the talented @lila_bliblu & @kaerhon
Many thanks to them! :green_heart2:


#maf #mastoart

@Gargron Not bad, not bad at all! Every idea you've had for #Mastodon so far has been even better than the last ^^

Who's maintaining ? Is there a query string parameter to have the interface in French on first load without having to use the language selector?
#mastodon #joinmastodon

@Gargron It won't be defaulted and affect normal free registration, right? This is another one of those things #Mastodon has long needed, and it's satisfying to see it receiving at last.

I see many instances that are invite only, but direct you to request an invite from someone else. That's really overhand! An invite system should allow new users to contact the admins and tell them why they want to join, making the process a whole lot simpler.

Tu es fan de « starwars » ?
Tu es un gamer ?
Tu as la fibre internet ?, euh...
Tu as l’internet fibre ? 🤔🤔🤔

Tu as le haut débit ? 😅😛😒

Bonne nouvelle, ce jeu est gratuit et pour toi.

#mastodon #game #jeu #pc #ordi #starwars #futur #course