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Are empty #IRC rooms deleted? Are empty #Matrix rooms deleted?

RT I just released my first Community add-on!

Matrix is a secure and decentralized communication platform which can act as an alternative for chat servers like Slack or Discord.


#matrix #redpill #homeassistant #riot #hassio


I've been trying out #Matrix the past couple of days: 'An open network for secure, decentralized communication'.

It's kinda like the Mastodon of messengers, or more accurately the fediverse of messengers, although calling it a #messenger is a bit of an understatement.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I think it's great! A much needed solution to an increasing problem, not sure why I held of from checking it out for so long! 😅

They're also on #Mastodon: @matrix 👍

@PacoVelobs @timothee Alors, un spoiler pour commencer : #Matrix/#Riot. Évidemment, comme les trois participants à la table ronde vendaient/déployaient du Matrix/Riot, ce n'est pas trop étonnant. Mais la salle (beaucoup d'intervenants) était d'accord.

Bon, ça a l'air très bien, #Matrix, je crois que je vais m'y mettre. Mais deux questions 1) quelle instance/serveur ? 2) quel client ? #Riot ?

Hi Everyone! We have a nice early #TWIF for your weekend reading!

Find out how to publish applications through F-Droid and read about Private GitLab runners, Pluggable Transports and our happily running F-Droid #Matrix server.


Hi all. #TWIF #29 is up, in which we're looking for #MirrorTesters and talk about our new #Matrix server.

We also have some news about #Fairphone as a Service, seek help with our new #AuditingProxy, and 12 new and 79 updated apps in our repo. Go read!

Hi all. #TWIF #29 is up, in which we're looking for #MirrorTesters and talk about our new #Matrix server.

We also have some news about #Fairphone as a Service, seek help with our new #AuditingProxy, and 12 new and 79 updated apps in our repo. Go read!

The first stable release of the #matrix messenger #fluffychat is out now. 😀 Get it from:

Thanks to all who have helped me. Thanks to regionetz for hosting the homeserver, thanks to @matrix for the awesome work, thanks to @Ubports for this awesome platform and to fabiyamada, advocatux, wayneoutthere, lionelb, Diogo, mithgarthsormr, mark, and all the awesome people from the community!!

With your help, Ubuntu Touch is still alive and has got a new stable messenger!

#Riot, l'alternative #opensource à #Discord a récemment été optimisé pour diminuer drastiquement le temps de lancement et l'empreinte mémoire (jusqu'à 70%) ! De plus, ils ont sorti #Modular, leur service d'hébergement payant de Riot et #Matrix qui vise à permettre aux organisations de mettre en place plus rapidement et facilement le logiciel.
Ils travaillent activement à une refonte graphique complète et à une amélioration de la prise en main pour les nouveaux venus.

- #Dweb: #Decentralised, #Real-Time, #Interoperable #Communication with #Matrix

In the Dweb series, we are covering projects that explore what is possible when the web becomes decentralized or distributed. These projects aren’t affiliated with Mozilla, and some of them rewrite the rules of how we think about a web browser.

As you may know I tried to create a Mattermost team for #Plume a few days ago. But not so many people joined (probably because most people don't want to create another account just for that).

So, we decided to create a #Matrix room instead. Feel free to join if you want to discuss about the project!

One of the #GSOC projects from @matrix is building an altenrative to GCM push for #matrix. This will directly benefit the #fdroid version of #riot!

Russian Court Bans Telegram App for refusing to hand over encryption keys.

Commendable they refuse to hand over keys but now no more Telegram in Russia... The issue with #centralization made clear again. Better #federate with #matrix #XMPP … #nextcloud

The New York Times: Russian Court Bans Telegram App After 18-Minute Hearing (By NEIL MacFARQUHAR)

Epilogue: Scrapping my #Matrix plans for #Signal group chats I didn't know existed. Sometimes things are simpler than they seemed.

That was the point of my earlier post on the subject but nobody took me up on it:

I might spin up my own #Matrix instance just because is telling me my username (MrPetovan) is already in use. Maybe just an identity server would be enough?

Does anyone I know is hosting a long-term #Matrix server for me and my family to have a group chat in or should I go with the default one on


J'ai une question #qualiopen. J'ai vu la vidéo de la conférence et j'ai l'impression que le projet ressemble beaucoup à #matrix : faire un méta outil de discussion.

Apparemment Matrix c'est le protocole de discussion intantanée où il faut ~1h et plus de 2Go de RAM sur son serveur pour rejoindre certains salon.

Ça a l'air cool comme idée.

High CPU usage after joining #matrix · Issue #2447 · matrix-org/synapse

I'm experiencing high cpu usage on my HS after joining large rooms. On the readme I saw the issue about the file handler limits so I increased the hard limit to 16384 but nothing changed. U fortuna...

So, we start to talk #fosdem with the other #thefederation friends. Will there be a #decentralized room again this year @nitot ? Will it be bigger than the previous year? Or should we set up one only for the decentralized social networks, with #diaspora #mastodon #friendica #matrix etc...? @Gargron do you plan to come to the #fosdem2018 ?

Dans la géniale série des webinars « C'est ça l'histoire », je vous recommande le #3, sur le #hacking, le #darknet, le #bitcoin et la #surveillance. (Attention, il faut avoir vu #Matrix avant.) Bisous à @maliciarogue, @LaQuadrature, @Tris, et @Natouille #Humour

YouTube: C'est ça l'histoire #3 - Enter the Darknet (C'est ça l'histoire)

T'as pas compris Matrix? Attends, on va t'expliquer. Matrix Clubbing to death - Arno B1 remix Pirates of the cari...

@fla it's the opposite, if you know e-mail or phone number of someone you can find his Matrix account. The same happen with Telegram. I don't know how it's securely implemented on #Matrix but they for sure care of privacy