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@Food @switchingsocial @fdroidorg I've replaced Google Maps by #OsmAnd and don't miss a thing. Google on my device is a thing of the past: I've flashed LineageOS and no GApps at all. #microG is used for location services only (no GCM), with a local OpenCellId database for lookup. And of course F-Droid for apps. Works perfect for me.

I've completely replaced Google Maps with the open source alternative OsmAnd (Open Street Maps).

I love that you can download maps for offline viewing and even mark places on the map. I've used it while travelling too.

Highly recommend!

#OpenSource #OsmAnd #OpenStreetMaps #GoogleMaps

et voici la liste à partir d’un téléphone nu

#fdroid sur une clé usb pour être mis sur le gsm et ensuite tout est dispo sur fdroid

#davx5 pour accéder à mes calendriers et contacts
#silence pour les sms chiffrés
#k9mail pour les mails
#nextcloud pour accéder à ma base de donnée pour le gestionnaire de mot de passe
#keepassdx pour les mots de passe

le tour des plus utiles est fait en bonne partie


@fdroidorg #OSMAnd got it's 3.2.2 release out. #TrickyTripper got an update that fixes currency conversion import and #RocketChat got it's first (minor) update on #FDroid.

Updating #OSMAnd to a beta release 1 day before a hiking vacation.. what could possibly go wrong... ;-)

Somebody sent me a message, asking for help: "Help. I coudn't download #OsmAnd . I want to edit #OpenStreetMap on my mobile."

I asked if they're getting any errors, and they replied: " it's asking me to pay for downloads".

Told them to remove osmand and get @fdroidorg , then install the community version after updating the repo. I hope they discover other #FreeSoftware, while they're there.

> Did you know you can have offline, high quality bike routing on your phone with #OsmAnd and #BRouter?

I most definitely know! It's gotten me everywhere, both by bicycle and by car! Completely offline, and maps for both apps can be #sideload​ed if necessary. What's not to like?


There is now a beta version of #OsmAnd 3.0 on #fdroid. Please test if you feel up to it.

Did you know you can have offline, high quality bike routing on your phone with #OsmAnd and #BRouter (

Does anyone know if there is a way to get public transit directions with #osmand? I was considering replacing Google maps with it, but it doesn't appear to have that feature.

Alternatively, if anyone has any suggestions of a #foss Android app that has that feature, please let me know :)

N'oubliez pas de mettre à jour vos cartes hors-ligne tous les mois dans l'application #OsmAnd.

Généralement, elles sont mises à jour le 1er du mois... avec toutes les modifications du mois des contributeurs.

#Openstreetmap #Osm

Quelqu'un utilise #OSMAnd comme application #GPS principale sur son smartphone? Ça donne quoi?