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#RightsCon obviously. So far so good. Giggling and crying at the same time. "8 different refugee blockchain projects, 8 different consent blockchain projects, because that is the problem with consent: lack of blockchain."

Tweet de @ UnGarage (compte twitter participatif de @LaQuadrature ) :

Le programme de la #RightsCon est très, très dense. Si vous voulez y jeter un œil et demander à ce que nos petits elfes assistent à ceraines sessions, n'hésitez pas !

(je peux faire le relais de vos demandes, ou gardez @LaQuadrature dans les réponses)

Hey #Fediverse, let's do this: I will toot as much as I can from #RightsCon for your enjoyment, I would love to hear which sessions you'd likd me to go to and cover. Schedule here:

Positively surprised that in the first presentation at #RightsCon there have already been several calls to prioritise people over corporations, and stop surveillance capitalism. We are in the right place.

This week, @LaQuadrature is at #RightsCon in Tunis.
Come talk to us if you are there too!

Hey #Fediverse #Mastodon #Pleroma people, anyone attending #RightsCon Tunis? Anybody wants to grab a coffee/beer at some point?