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Content warning: Rust-lang, Looking for developers

Avancement du développement de #Duniter en langage #RUST #Ğ1 #monnaielibre #revenudebase

First time I try to compile a program written in #Rust. It fails because they don't use regular Unix tools to build, they managed to invent their own (why reusing existing stuff?), which does not exist as a Debian package.

Hey folks,

The #Aardwolf project (a federated Facebook replacement) needs more folks that can spare some development time. We need help with #Rust #PostGREs, #UI, #UX, and many other things I am probably missing.

The GitHub page haa more info.

there is also a GitLab mirror if you need


We are moving to a dedicated #Aardwolf account soon. This will probably be one of the last that I post from my personal account.

I wrote my first #Rust crate.

It's a trivial thing I wrote for a CLI tool I'm playing with, and I figured this could be split off on its own.

It allows CLI tools to spawn a text editor so the user enters some text, just like Git does when you `git commit`.

I have no clue if that would be useful for others, but since I'm learning Rust I'd appreciate any feedback about it. ☺️

(especially about its safety or on how to test this thing properly)

You always wanted to implement a #audioscrobbler #scrobble #server (like #lastfm) in #rust ?

The #imag project would welcome you!

Testing: #Rustodon

Specifically: #ActivityPub #RustLang DB to integrate with Mastodon

Why: To have a running instance before the end of April. Strategy. I've been learning some rust, but have become a bit rusty. (bwahaha see what I did there?!) All the memory safety and performance that comes with the #Rust programming language. And maybe knowing stacks of people who could help in moments of dispair!

Programmes cools écrits en #Rust : le système d'exploitation Redox, le concurrent de #grep ripgrep (nom à la con) #JDLL2018

Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS - Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS

The Redox official website

Sûreté de #Rust : variables immuables par défaut, système de propriétaire des variables (j'ai rien compris), on peut emprunter une variable mais, par défaut, une seule fois #JDLL2018

Mais pourquoi chaque langage de programmation se sent obligé de faire SON gestionnaire de paquetages, différent de celui des autres, et contrariant celui du système ??? (Dans #Rust, c'est "cargo", comme"cargo cult".) #jeRâle #JDLL2018

Une (?) des implémentations de #Rust a des messages d'erreur sympas, suggérant des modifications (genre "variable tota not found, did you mean toto?") #JDLL2018

Donc, #Rust est orienté système (comme C ou Go) mais sûr (≠ C) et permettant le parallélisme (≠ C où c'est possible mais épouvantable)

« NULL n'existe pas » #JDLL2018

The Rust Programming Language

The Rust Programming Language

Allez, hop, on commence. Conférence sur #Rust, un langage de programmation qui me semble viser le même créneau que Go (et donc que C ou C++).


has anyone done a thing in rust sort of on the model of, e.g., the boost.simd libraries? ( doing fully-in-rust / not-calling-out-to-libm implementations of math functions so that the compiler can potentially vectorize/optimize all the things? )

( combining that with a SIMD implementation would get you bonus gains, but a bunch of stuff should... be vectorizable by the compiler even without that? probably? )

#rust #rustlang #simd #numerics

Increasingly excited at the prospect of writing a web app in #Rust, y'all.

Débutant·e ou confirmé·e, venez participer à Lyon à un coding dojo au format randori autour du langage #Rust lundi à 19h

Looks like the size overhead is significant. A "Hello World!" #WebAssembly module written in #Rust is 92.5 KB, while the runtime is 186 KB 😮