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#TWIF #25 just went live!

Read about Tor Browser arriving in the Guardian Project repo, our enhanced @matrix room and our newest beta mirror:

Also covers 11 new apps including #Manyverse(!) and an earth-shattering 114 updated apps!

We need your help with #TWIF! The index updated again, and we now need to cover 9 new apps and 105 updates!

Which ones would you like to see covered in the next edition?

The eligible list is at as always.

And just now the website updated with #TWIF #24. This is a pretty light edition due to the stuck index, but there's news about the irc logging service we use, and 25 updates and 4 new apps.

The next one's going to be a whopper though! Help us out and tell us which of the following app updates should make it into the next #TWIF:

Thanks, and enjoy reading.

With this new index update, the latest #TWIF also finally went live:

Unfortunately the stretch upgrade caused delays in publishing, making the news about it already outdated. Nevertheless, enjoy this week's updates!

#TWIF is live:

Security audit completed, buildserver setup with ansible

We've been mentioned in the biggest #FDroid #TWIF ever! 😀 Thanks for all the hard work of @fdroidorg volunteers who helped publishing our encrypted email app. 👏👉

This week we got the biggest #TWIF ever! 😀 Lot's of stuff happened, read all about it here:

Merged the weekly @fdroidorg news (#TWIF). Now it's time for #LDJam! 😃


Content warning: From birdsite


#TWIF number 15 is up!

Read all about the new 1.3 release, the new T-shirts, and why and how Briar is built reproducibly.

New #TWIF arrived now:

New #TWIF arrived now:

@thinkMoult @Tusky 2.0 is built but there is a problem with publishing at the moment. (See latest #twif)

It will hopefully be live very soon.

@fdroidorg You gotta mention Aurora Store in the next #twif! It's amazing, I think its UI beats Google Play's! 😍

This weeks #twif is live:


Hi everyone. #TWIF is up on #FDroid at last!

Apologies again for the delay. Ironically, an error slipped through in our rush to get it out the door in time.

#TWIF is finally up!

Again, apologies for the delay.

Lots of exciting Stuff happened this week in F-Droid, read all about it here:

(We aren't really late if it's still Sunday, right? 😉)


If you missed it, last weeks #TWIF is now available on the main website:

#TWIF week 20 is up for preview at #fdroid staging!

It should go live on the main site with the next index update.

Some apps already updated since it was submitted, so do let us know which updates are important, and why!

The update list is at as always, and will be updated throughout the week.

@STP_KITT As fas as I can see nobody gave a reason other than "ugly".

Why don't you ask on the forum?

Less than a day before the next #TWIF submission deadline! A whopping 68 apps were updated on #fdroid so far. Way too many to include all of them, so please tell us which updates are important, and why.

The new index is in at . This will probably be the last index update before the deadline.

Also thanks again to @rudloff who is responsible for most of the 12 new apps, with more in the pipeline, and even more being added as I type this!

We now set up a forum thread for submitting interesting things to mention in this weeks #TWIF:

lease jump in there if you want anything to be mentioned. Your favourite app got an update this week? Please tell us!

The second iteration of #TWIF is live!

Got a question for you all: Which of the whopping 59 app updates from the last week do you want us to highlight in the next #TWIF? Anything particularly important or interesting? You can see the candidates by scrolling through the home screen of the client app.

This week we published the first #TWIF:

Trial run, hope we can continue this on the future! 😃

This week we published the first #TWIF:

Trial run, hope we can continue this on the future! 😃