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I've updated the prototype #fdroid page on, feedback still welcome:

Is this clear for you?

Does this match your reality?

You don't have to use Google Play on your Android phone.

There's a free open alternative app store called F-Droid, which is much more privacy-friendly, and which you can install yourself relatively easily.

There's a simple instruction guide for beginners on

There's a much more detailed guide by @IzzyOnDroid here:

You can follow the official F-Droid account here:


#FDroid #GooglePlay #DeleteGoogle

Working on an #FDroid page for, would be great to get some feedback on this:

Is this easy enough to follow?

Does it match what you have to do to install F-Droid on your phone?

I don't trust anything that wasn't built by #FDroid anymore. This practice has become far too common.

Fun fact:

The instance is indirectly funded by LineageOS + F-Droid.

Earlier, I was replacing my phone every 2 years with a new version of the same series. But last year, when my phone was ready for replacement (too slow, no Android updates), I flashed LineageOS + F-Droid on it instead.

I saved € 187.5 by not buying a new phone. This instance costs € 5 per month.

P.S. I know the exact cost because I bought one for a family member.

#PlannedObsolescence #LineageOS #FDroid

Ça manque d'une appli #libre de sons ambiants sur #fdroid. Venez on s'y met tou·te·s ensemble ! #pluie #feu #café #vent #vagues

@kuketzblog @Digitalcourage Wir stimmen zu, Software sollte möglichst immer reproduzierbar gebaut sein. Aber Achtung: Entgegen des Zitats ist Software bei #FDroid und #Debian nicht immer reproduzierbar gebaut.

The current version of G-Droid indicates in a small green text from/to what version an updateable app can be updated. The next version will offer ALL old versions of an app, just as it is in the F-Droid app as well.

#Android #gdroid #fdroid

how do you even set up an f-droid mirror

i've read that you need about ~10GiB free, which i absolutely have. i'd really like to do this, but i don't know how. i don't need the build server or anything, i just want to mirror the content of the main f-droid repo. does anyone know how?


Wer sich über die teils verpixelten Gesichter auf meinen Photos von der Demo wundert, ich hab mal #ObscuraCam vom Guardian Project ausprobiert.

Schon nicht schlecht, aber bei so Massen werden zu wenige automatisch erkannt.

Wer Guardian Project nicht kennt, die haben eine Handvoll #Android #privacy apps in einem F-Droid Repository. Z.B. auch #Orbot Tor für Android und ehemals #Orfox für Orbot, jetzt Tor Browser.

#GuardianProject #FDroid

Google a supprimé #KDEConnect du playstore parce que l'appli violerait leurs nouvelles règles relatives aux SMS, et parce qu'ils ont également supprimé l'exception dont elle bénéficiait...

Bref, utilisez #FDroid si vous voulez une version complète de KDE Connect.

Le playstore ne proposera plus qu'une version bridée.


I have to say that I am seriously impressed with the F-Droid Repomaker utility. It's well-designed and easy to use.

#foss #fdroid

Today I installed the #Manyverse app from #FDroid - it is a social network based on #SecureScuttleButt or rather a mobile frontend for the Secure Scuttlebutt protocol. Many concepts are difficult to grasp, as it's very different from the Fediverse - you don't need a server in the first place. It seems rudimentary but very promising since it can work off the grid, via Bluetooth or local network. There are no URLs for users neither for messages. Reminds of #Briar in many ways.

@LaurentChemla Dis, comment tu as fait le gif de la poule qui bouge vu par ici il y a quelques jours ? J'ai testé "Video transcoder" sur #fdroid mais ça me fait des GIF trop gros :-\

At some point there are going to be programs that are nothing more then sandboxes for web assembly.

how is #fdroid going to handle those programs? Cause if you let one them into fdroid, its going to be a slippery slope and all of them will want in.

from now on I will use the tag #fdroidapk instead of #fdroid

so basically users can subscribe and do searches on #fdroidapk to hear mentions of new apps. And also developers can participate and talk about a new app they release

workload decentralization 😀 how about that

and its good for users to get to know the developers

App icons and screenshots loading very slow in #fdroid. Is this normal? @fdroidorg


Menstrual/period calendar 🤦 Give it time and there will be an app for everything. This one is for the lady issues.


@blequerrec @tuxicoman @lord @loursdenice @jz Peux-tu voir la conversation ? @loursdenice y mentionne une compromission des clefs de #silence. Dans la conversation il est également fait référence à @jz qui en parlerait dans une conférence. C'est pas bien clair pour moi.

To #fdroid users. #Mastalab 1.63.0 is available, you can now connect your #Peertube account(s).

- if you have difficulties for watching videos don't hesitate to change the mode in settings.
- you can follow/unfollow accounts and channels, rate videos and write/remove comments.

Upload feature should come at the end of the week.

@datione I don't think he does. If you want to chat, drop by in #fdroid.


ha, je l'ignorais, Vais aller voir ça de manière plus approfondie.

#Wire est dispo sur #fdroid aussi?

et voici la liste à partir d’un téléphone nu

#fdroid sur une clé usb pour être mis sur le gsm et ensuite tout est dispo sur fdroid

#davx5 pour accéder à mes calendriers et contacts
#silence pour les sms chiffrés
#k9mail pour les mails
#nextcloud pour accéder à ma base de donnée pour le gestionnaire de mot de passe
#keepassdx pour les mots de passe

le tour des plus utiles est fait en bonne partie


#davdroid is now called #DAVx5, read more about this here:

You'll find it under the new name in #FDroid with the next update.

Find the slides for my talk about #fdroid and some of the best #FreeSoftware apps (imho) for #Android (or fork) now linked on its description page:

<3 to the Open Infrastructure Orbit for hosting the session!

I didn't watch many talks at #35c3 but one I attended and can highly recommend was by #FDroid core team member _hc about nearby and offline connectivity:

We totally need to make an #fdroid #infobeamer ad next year! #35c3

Next in the track at 17:00: #FDroid: Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best #FreeSoftware #apps by in the Open Infrastructure Orbit

#35C3 #CCC

Fahrplan/schedule update pushed. #35c3 #FDroid

(Pull to refresh, etc. etc,)

Now sleep.