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I wrote down an idea for integrating #FDroid repos with the #fediverse: fdroidpub. Please comment on it!

Mais ça a l'air vachement bien #Briar pour communiquer de manière sécurisée, soit par Tor, soit en Wifi local, soit en Bluetooth... en mode un à un, groupe privé, forum et blog. Et tout ça sans serveur !
Il très prochainement dispo sur le dépôt principal #FDroid

You'd think working on a game is more fun than coding other things. But I was unsatisfied with what I did for #LDJam so far, so instead I decided to fix a few #fdroid bugs. 🤷


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@valeryan24 maybe check #fdroid's network settings if it's allowed to use wifi/mobile network?

For all who tested #fdroid client 1.3/1.3.1: noticed any regressions that would block it from being marked stable version?

In the wake of the #FDroid 1.3 update we managed to get the main apk linked from or homepage moved to the archive 🙈 🙈 🙈 . Use this direct link to the latest apk until this is fixed:

If you depend on the swap feature in #FDroid you should wait with updating until it's fixed in 1.3.1 which will hopefully be out tomorrow.


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New index update live again, this time with #DavDroid 2.0 #FDroid 1.3, #Termux update and others.

@bjoern Hatte überlegt, ob es Sinn macht bei der nextcloud conf einen talk über #fdroid zu halten. Mir fehlt grade noch ein bisschen der thematische Aufhänger, der es mit nextlcoud verbindet. (Außer, dass eure apps da sind.) Was meinst du?

@JayVii_de @kuketzblog @fdroidorg
Firebase geht vom Prinzip her nicht in #fdroid, upstream hatte daher von jeher einen build flavour.

Dann haben sie analytics irgendwann auf Matomo umgestellt, das war dann auch im F-Droid build (mit entsprechender Warnung), dann ein paar Wochen später wurde es für F-Droid opt-in statt opt-out, und dann später durch #gdpr überall opt-in.

Ich hatte irgendwann mal in den Code geschaut, sendet hauptsächlich activity enter/leave events, und wenn aus, dann aus.

@wowaname @hellpie they have come up, yes. But there are more important architectural changes to the whole server infrastructure that need to be done.

But if someone wants to start working don't this please feel free to discuss this in the issue tracker and in #fdroid-dev.

Went on a road-trip equipped only with my #Fairphone 2 using FairphoneOpen and #FDroid. Never thought I'd life to see a privacy friendly and #FLOSS smartphone which is a totally reliable travel companion. Worked perfectly.


How can one start developing for Android, specifically F-Droid? Especially so as to not depend on Google Play Services, what resources are recommended? Also should one develop on the official Android Studio? Would like to hear some technical words of advice.
@fdroidorg #fdroid

#Öffi will be in #fdroid very soon:

Thanks to reproducible builds it will have the same signature as the versions from the play store and the the author's own #fdroid repo, so you can update from there.

#Tusky 2.1 is finally available via #FDroid, fixing some crash issues of the previous 2.0 release.

@Tusky @fdroidorg

@rugk @fdroidorg Funnily enough I regularily use yalp to check which apps (that I've installed) I need to update for #fdroid as they have a newer version available on gplay. :-)

Long-awaited, but finally there: #AuroraStore (fork of #YalpStore for getting Google Play APKs with a nice GUI) now also **ignores F-Droid apps** by default!

Finally you do not have to manually white-list all the @fdroidorg apps! 🎉 #fdroid #googleplay

@GyrosGeier Öffi is not open source, so we have nothing to do with it. There is Transportr (Public Transport Companion) on #fdroid though:

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Funktioniert das Repo von Öffi mittlerweile richtig? Früüüüher wurde nur die Version mit Google-Anbindung ausgeliefert; ebenso war das Repo nicht signiert. Da hatte man definitiv keine Lust sich mit #FDroid auseinderzusetzen.

Anyway, nehmt doch bitte gleich #Transportr.
Das ist mindestens genauso gut und im Gegensatz zu Öffi freie Software.
Transportr (Public Transport Companion) -

Hey everyone! New #TWIF is up on #FDroid for your weekend reading!

@nlavielle @Lovis_IX @PasSageEnSeine le seul problème c'est qu'il faut avoir le playstore (j'utilise #yalpstore, #fdroid et #microg) donc bon il trouve aucune app

If your are using the privileged and #fdroid alphas you might want to hold up on upgrading to 1.3alpha2. Or if you've done so you need to enable unknown sources once to upgrade to alpha3 which will come tomorrow.

@neil @geniusmusing The linked article is unfortunately very light on details. I still have no idea if this does have any impact on #fdroid.


I still receive Android update notifications about software I already updated through Fdroid. Is this a known bug?



If you install #fdroid ( ) on your #Android device, you can find 2 very cool apps to choose between for use with #Mastodon - one is #Tusky and the other: #Mastalab (I use mastalab)

Aurora Store: Download apks from #GooglePlayStore

#AuroraStore is a #fork of #YalpStore by Sergey Yeriomin. It lets you download apps directly from Google Play Store as #apk files. It can search for #updates of installed #apps and lets you search for other apps.

Aurora Store provides a #MaterialUI to #Yalp #Store.

#fdroidorg #fdroid #libre #app @fdroidorg #altenative

@dada @nextcloud Due to some miscommunication this will be delayed on #fdroid for a day, sorry about that!

Hi everyone. #TWIF is up on #FDroid at last!

Apologies again for the delay. Ironically, an error slipped through in our rush to get it out the door in time.

Reminder that our #FDroid #Fennec icon challenge is closing coming Sunday, 24:00 UTC! If you have something in progress, it's time to finish up and submit!

#fdroid #TWIF has been submitted and has been properly tagged this time. Let's hope the next index update comes soon. Also hoping that staging will deploy tomorrow morningish.

#fdroid #TWIF has been submitted and has been properly tagged this time. Let's hope the next index update comes soon. Also hoping that staging will deploy tomorrow morningish.

Nextcloud Talk 2.0 integrating chat support is now live on #fdroid.


twitlatte - Twitter, Mastodon and Pleroma client

#SNS client specialized to read in chronorogical order. You can access #Twitter, #Mastodon and #Pleroma with API.

#fdroidorg #fdroid #app #socialmedias @fdroidorg

@trwnh thanks, going to take a look at it even though the anti-feature warnings (non free dependencies, tracking) in the #FDroid repo by @IzzyOnDroid are rather off-putting.

Why are there no image editing apps in #fdroid? It's kinda frustrating having to download a foss application from Google Play

Down to 36 MRs and additionally marked 4 as blocked. Gotta go now.

That means 8 news app in #fdroid tomorrow! 😃

The interesting this is that you never need to hide your root status if you only use apps from #fdroid.

The thing about getting root without modifying /system might still be interesting for OTA updates though.

Please, @fdroidorg can you help me for install #fdroid on Android 8 #oreo ?
I've just install #LineAgeOs 15.1, and when I DL your #apk I can launch it...
Can't find what to do 😞

In other #GDPR news: #Riot v0.8.9 and #NewPipe 0.13.4 are live on #fdroid now to support their respective GDPR workflows. (Only for crash-reporting in case of newpipe)

Regarding #fdroid and #GDPR: You can find our terms here:

As F-Droid goes out of it's way to not only don't track you itself but also prevent others (apps, repo admins, etc.) from tracking you, we didn't need to change anything here. 🎉

@ConnyDuck @Technowix

Actually OsmAnd 3.0.0 which is currently on #fdroid is still the beta release (but working fine here). 3.0.2 which is the final 3.0 version will follow soon (probably Monday).

@joop @switchingsocial from play store has a HUGE amount of trackers. All these are removed in the fork on #fdroid:

RT Try the F-Droid App Store to avoid the Scourge of Malware on your Android

#FreeSoftware #FreeYourAndroid #FDroid