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I still got a voucher code for droidcon Berlin, which is 1st - 3rd July, i.e. next week.

If anyone from the #FDroid/FOSS Android world wants it, feel free to send me a message.

PSA: puisque j'en suis à réinstaller mes applis, sachez que Bitwarden pour Android a un dépôt #fdroid à l'adresse

APK également dispo sur leur GitHub.

C'est une version dégooglisée sans Firebase, donc sans push, alors il faut synchroniser manuellement avec son "vault". C'est le prix de la liberté :P

À part ça, ça marche pareil. Mais sans Google.

#Fedilab 2.7.0 is available on #Fdroid 🎉

reminder: #FDroid also ships developer-signed APKs if they can be built reproducibly. This is a very strong safeguard against tampering.

Sadly only a few app devs have a setup for shipping this way.

Google #PlayStore offers no such safeguard.

this is changing the trust model. Not sure if it's worse though. This is the same model #FDroid has used since the beginning.

Oh schade ich hätte gehofft du bekommst mehr. 😦

Was hälts du eig. von ? Für dein #Android repo evt. interessant. Ich würde das auch für #FDroid gerne sehen. Hab aber 0 Hoffnung dass Ciaran (der einzige mit Zugriff auf auf die Spendenkonten) so einen account betreiben möchte ...

#Fedilab 2.4.0 is available on #Fdroid 🎉

#Fdroid builds have been moved to #framagit 🎉
You should get soon the release 2.4.0 :)

I just started to download an app from GooglePlay (out of habit) but ran into a server error. So I found an even better app through #fdroid, and it downloaded with no problem—and is freer as a wonderful bonus.

Score one (more) for free software

Heute um 21 Uhr auf der #GPN19: "Freiheit zum mitnehmen: Ein #Workshop von An- zu F- zu G-Droid" im ZKM_Ackerspace:

#FreieSoftware #Android #Fdroid #Gdroid #Orbot

@Sw0rdDooM @pv ich würde eher zu LineageOS MicroG greifen. Da ist microG gleich dabei, was nicht schaden kann und #Fdroid mit #PrivExt vorinstalliert, was super hilfreich ist.

Looks like a new metronome application has landed in #fdroid

Mein #Workshop "Freiheit zum mitnehmen" auf der 19. #Gulaschprogrammiernacht ist angenommen worden \°/

Also wer auf der #GPN19 ist und Bock auf #fdroid und #gdroid hat oder Lust verspürt sie kennenzulernen, kommt vorbei!

#FreieSoftware #Android

@fdroidorg @gdroid

Why does #FDroid still show me 1.6 as suggested (and installed) while there are already 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 available?

Having been involved in the #FDroid project in the last 3 years I've used #Gitlab a lot during this time.

Not only do I find it more intuitive to use by now (and github is slowly copying features that gitlab introduced years ago), it also really makes a difference that the development of gitlab itself is open.

Got an bug/feature request? Jump into the issue tracker and help shape the discussion about it. Or someone might even jump in and provide an implementation for it.


hab nun was gefunden in #fdroid
is nur noch nicht gemalt

I exported all my #Fedilab datas, uninstalled the Google Play app, reinstalled from @fdroidorg, imported my datas back and in a second all my accounts were back and perfectly working! That's amazing!,

Thank you a lot @tom79 to force me to switch, I also replaced many of my proprietary apps with FOSS alternatives and I'm fully satisfied! And thanks to #Fdroid community for this great tool!

#FOSSispoetry #FOSSdoesitbetter

@torproject In #FDroid there are now two Tor browsers if you have the #GuardianProject repo enabled, both are the same version, but the Guardian Project version is still called (Alpha).

Will these be the same, will the Guardian version disappear or will it be the beta channel?

@torproject @thomas_rader is it on #fdroid ? or am I missing it?

Quelle est l'app météo que vous conseilleriez sur #fdroid ? Merci d'avance. 🙂

This release is now available with #Fdroid

In case you missed it, there's a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Play.

It's called F-Droid and only includes free open apps that don't track you:

The installation process is slightly complicated, but once it's been installed it's extremely easy to use.

You can also follow F-Droid on here at:


#AppStores #GooglePlay #Alternatives #FDroid #Huawei #DeleteGoogle #Privacy

The #app #llCrop ( which is available on #fdroid) implements #lossless #jpg #photo #cropping on #android.

The next version 1.1 will add the workflows GET_CONTENT / PICK / share / SEND / SENDTO to pick / re-send a cropped photo.

@gdroid #fdroid_app_comments

@fdroidorg @Bubu

i love #fdroid ❤️

thats my homescreen

😊 so muss das

To #fdroid users, you noticed crashes with the last release (1.81.2). It's now fixed in 1.81.3 and this new version should be available soon. In the meantime, you can downgrade the release. Sorry for that. #Fedilab

#mastoart #fdroid ❤️


That's my hundredth self-painted acrylic picture.

@tom79 Let's set up an #FDroid repository where you can publish releases quickly first and get that whole setup stable and polished. Think about abandoning GPlay later :-).

Are you not feeling motivated to go outside for a healthy walk? How about downloading the application StreetComplete from @fdroidorg and start helping out OpenStreetMap by adding missing data about the places around you!

I started today and it made my daily walks a lot more fun! It also motivates me to walk even more and visit new places that I wouldn't visit otherwise. :)

#OpenStreetMap #OpenData #Fdroid

If you are in Vienna you might be interested in joining the first meeting of a new #FDroid user-group tomorrow 18:30 at @metalab

All details on:

As you asked for three- I see people have already suggested two of the three I was thinking about

Third one I know on #fdroid is Aegis Authenticator (Free, secure and open source 2FA app to manage tokens for your online services) -

Kennt jemand ein kleines Bildbearbeitungsprogramm fürs Smartphone aus dem #fdroid store? Funktion Bild beschneiden...

Autant pour moi
Autrement pour revenir au problème. Finalement ça fonctionne parfaitement sous Debian après passage 66.0.5. En fait c'est sous Android avec Firefox via #Fdroid #Fenec Je suis avec la release 66.0.2 donc attendons le prochain déploiement sur cette plateforme

Attention #Fennec #FDroid / #Firefox users: The critical 66.0.4 update is now available via F-Droid to fix the broken add-on support because of an expired certificate. That was incredibly fast for F-Droid standards! Don't forget to revert any unofficial fixes.

Meanwhile #Ubuntu users are still waiting for the latest Firefox update to be deployed. 🙄 #ArmagAddon #Android #Mozilla

We're starting a #FDroid user-group! 🎉 Feel free to join us next week at my local hackerspace in Vienna, Austria. Save the date: 14.5. 18:30 !@metalab

All details on:

Markor v1.8 - All new file browser, favourites and faster Markdown preview :thinkerguns: :blobaww:

Read the blog post:

What is Markor? Open Source TextEditor for Android, with support for Markdown & todo.txt.

Want to give feedback that is visible in the G-Droid F-Droid client? Read the new Feedback section in the blog post!

@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid @mondstern

#markor #markdown #todo #fdroid #foss #android #todo.txt #foss #floss #app #offline #pandoc #vim

The version of #Fedilab for reordering timelines is available on #Fdroid (1.80.0)

I finally released in prod the version 1.80.0

This new release of #Fedilab introduces à full timelines customisation and the ability to pin followed instances and lists.

Release notes:

It should be available soon with #fdroid

Anyone know why the #JitsiMeet app for #Android isn't available on #FDroid?

Is there a music player on #FDroid that can list and play music according to the file/directory structure instead of trying to identify artist/album metadata?

If you enjoy using apps from @fdroidorg you might want to try the alternative client G-Droid:


G-Droid is F-Droid but with a more discovery-oriented interface. (For example, they've just added a "recently commented" panel, so you can see what people are talking about.)

You can download G-Droid from F-Droid itself.

(If you're new to F-Droid, here's a beginner's guide to installing it:

#FDroid #GDroid #Alternatives

The latest version of G-Droid shows the apps that recently received a comment on a new panel. A nice way to make your favourite app a bit more visible to other users.

Get the latest version now on #fdroid or #gdroid .