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I call BS at Gargon. Utter nonsense. There is no putting the cat back in the bag. We must have #freeSpeech because technology has made it impossible to stop thoughts from disseminating.


I've discovered that the #fediverse is easily accessible from a country [anon]which is extremely restrictive towards social media...

@torproject , maybe the #fediverse can help people looking for private tor bridges using a hashtag? #getbridges maybe?

Then people who have access to Gmail etc can get the bridge list on behalf of others and DM the list to them... Not perfect, but better than nothing. #freespeech #freeinternet #getbridges


The Paradox of Tolerance

By philosopher Karl Popper

Comic transcribed below

Should a tolerant society tolerate intolerance?
Man carrying torch with swastika tattoo on forehead: "You want more tolerance? Respect my ideas!
The answer is NO.

It's a paradox, but unlimited tolerance can lead to the extinction of tolerance.

When we extend tolerance to those who are openly intolerant... ...the tolerant ones end up being destroyed. and tolerance with them.

Old man in pre-WWII German uniform with Hitler and Nazi imagery beside: "Let's give them a chance!"

Any movement that preaches intolerance and persecution must be outside the law.

As paradoxical as it may seem, defending tolerance... ...requires to not tolerate the intolerant.

Source: The Open Society and its Enemies, Karl R. Popper

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