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Musings on American culture

The ratio content/commercial on American television is pretty low compared to France’s or, I’m guessing, all of Europe’s. At first, I wondered how the American people could put up with such an imbalance, and then I realized that they simply don’t know better. American television is ubiquitous in the world, but the opposite isn’t true.

My next thought was the about American television executives who, surely, knew better, and still decided to go with the lowest content ratio possible, probably because they could get away with it.

Maybe this is the heart of the American culture: going for the maximum personal profit regardless of any morals or ethics as long as you can get away with it. Granted, it isn’t that new, original or radical an idea, but I found it interesting that it can somewhat be inferred from the overall abysmal quality of American television programming.

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Ho mais les Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre c'est déjà ce Samedi à Strasbourg.
Philo, sociaux, techo, … le libre touche à tout et est accessible à tous. C'est même le principe :)

Plus de 200 événements sur le libre, du 7 au 12 juillet. On a un bel [agenda retro] ( pour vous organiser.

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Maybe just maybe we ought to question a society that so completely strip-mined life meaning that dying for a cause is an acceptable life goal.

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Trying to find a digital home for my friend. Does anyone know if there's an instance geared around #philosophy? I found one for #academia in general but not really philosophy-specific necessarily.