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AWS S3 hosts all assets in GitHub Releases tags pages, in all regions (I checked in public repos, can someone confirm for private repos)

Example: download the zip from UBO repo and observe the link in downloads screen After the download starts. (pic)

I never observed this until I started using Cloud Firewall addon :

#CloudFirewall #Security #Privacy #Cloud #Decentralization

Wer sich über die teils verpixelten Gesichter auf meinen Photos von der Demo wundert, ich hab mal #ObscuraCam vom Guardian Project ausprobiert.

Schon nicht schlecht, aber bei so Massen werden zu wenige automatisch erkannt.

Wer Guardian Project nicht kennt, die haben eine Handvoll #Android #privacy apps in einem F-Droid Repository. Z.B. auch #Orbot Tor für Android und ehemals #Orfox für Orbot, jetzt Tor Browser.

#GuardianProject #FDroid

Mark Zuckerberg discovers privacy – TechCrunch

> In a ballooning 3,225 words — a roughly average word count for the terminally verbose Facebook founder — Zuckerberg informed his miserably loyal 2.3 billion plus subjects that his company has happened upon a concept known as privacy, and, in doing so, it sees an opportunity. But can Facebook reform its 15-year legacy as devourer of all things private with a single sweeping, underedited screed from its copycat visionary and dark-pattern technocrat?
> Fuck no, of course it can’t.


#facebook #privacy #shaarlien

#Fediverse, I created "Warn Common Password" addon. Shows warning notification if user enters a weak common password by comparing it against a *bundled* list of 500000 words. Unlike similar addons, it works ENTIRELY OFFLINE and never makes a network call.

(Other addons might encrypt/hash password and TLS-send to a third party remote server. Password in any form should only be sent to 1st party and not 3rd parties even if trusted)

#Security #Privacy #WarnCommonPassword

#Microsoft #Windows #privacy

« it’s now possible to disable telemetry sent from the Calculator app to Microsoft servers. »

Je... QUOI ? Microsoft est allé fourrer ses logiciels espions jusque dans la calculatrice ??? BORDEL.

Je vous laisse imaginez comment le reste de Windows se comporte.
La vie privée ? C'est tellement has-been.

Is it just me who is wondering how the #GuardianProject can use #FuckOffGoogle URL shortener + tracking for links that they label with #privacy?

And isn't it absurd when you recommend users to "Try private web searching with #DuckDuckGo" but then you lead them to directly into the #GooglePlay store?

@fdroidorg #FreeYourAndroid #SurveillanceCapitalism #Orbot @torproject

Welcome to this new Mastodon instance mostly dedicated to promoting #OpenSource #Security #Privacy in #Luxembourg @cataspanglish

We are slowly building up a community here but in the meantime follow a couple of nice chaps like @Edent which knows a couple of things about Open Data and Open Source and @rysiek which seems to know a thing or two about #infosec.

Maybe the #CIRCL and #MISP team could join this instance?

Coming to #FOSDEM in february? Have an opinion about #DoH? No opinion? In both cases, don't miss the #DNS #privacy panel.

Every tech company: "We value your #privacy..." much that we made our business model around selling it for profit.

Verbraucherschützer warnen vor digitaler Zwei-Klassen-Medizin

keine Nachteile für diejenigen, die keine digitale Akte von sich wollen!


"Being a dissident is hard enough... anonymized communication is a godsend."

You can help us keep Tor strong for activists in 2019 by making a donation.

Tomorrow is the last day for your donation to count twice: #TorStories #privacy #internetfreedom #activism

In the US, our outreach efforts have turned to some of the best defenders of democracy, privacy, and human rights: librarians.
#freedom #privacy #internetfreedom #surveillance

Christmas holidays—more exposed IP cameras will go online within the next few days:

– two examples how attackers easily pinpoint cameras
– risks of exposed IP cameras
– tips for operating cameras more securely

Secure your IP camera(s) and help other non-technical people!

Thank you and Merry Christmas 2018. ☃️

#camera #ipcam #webcam #infosec #security #cybersecurity #privacy #risks #vulnerability #control

My Mom got a new phone 6 months ago and only shared her new # with me and 3 others. Months later she bought a new laptop and registered Microsoft Word (which apparently requires her phone # now?). A day or two later she started getting a stream of telemarketing calls. #privacy

#ZDF published an article for helping their readers to protect their #privacy on #Android by introducing them to @fdroidorg .

As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants (New York Times, 18 dec. 2018)

« Internal documents show that the social network gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify and others far greater access to people’s data than it has disclosed. »

#privacy #vieprivee #facebook #gafam #degooglisons @Framasoft

The New York Times: As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants (By GABRIEL J.X. DANCE, MICHAEL LaFORGIA and NICHOLAS CONFESSORE)

The schedule for the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019 is live 🎉

The work of the steering committee was not easy but very exciting: there were many excellent proposals. Last but not least, the diversity of speakers was improved, thanks to the efforts of everyone involved 👍

See you all next year!

#traduisonsles : "Ya 36 paiements par seconde petit, donc la sécu et le fait de transférer des données en clair c'est moins important d'accord ?"

Alors alors, il me faut :
- un clou,
- un marqueur,
- un marteau,
- et une lampe torche.

Résultat : paiement sans contact niqué et paiement sans crainte activé.

#privacy #NFC

Ce soir, conférence #privacy by #design avec @m4dz 💓

Are you a white male? Do you want to contribute to diversity? If you submitted a proposal to the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019, please look for alternative speakers in your community and be a hero🏆

@fosdem would be so kind as to boost this call?

Sprechende Puppen, smarte Kuscheltiere: Netzagentur warnt vor vernetztem Spielzeug

verwanzt euch nicht selbst. und eure Kinder schon gar nicht!


RT Chers amis parisiens: le 6/12, venez nombreux à la conférence "#Surveillance, #Resilience and #Privacy" à l'UTC Paris, évènement de clôture de avec (Beau) programme & inscriptions ici!

To all /e/ users!
Tell us everything you love and what you’d like to see improved in /e/ by taking our first satisfaction survey. We’ll do our best to take all feedback into account.
And of course it's completely anon:
#privacy #mydataisMYdata #survey

Optical Center, le Code de la route et le RGPD tous reliés ? C'est l'histoire raconté dans mon dernier article :
#RGPD #Privacy #CNIL #GDPR
RGPD : Exercez vos droits, ça fonctionne…

Want to work for the /e/ project?
=> I'm recruiting a sysadmin/devops 👨‍🦰👩‍🦰💻👾💪
Remote is OK. or PM me
#sysadmin #devops #jobs #jobopportunity
#mydataismydata #privacy #opensource

Fantastic writing by @x0rz discussing exploitation of #UPnP to anonymize traffic through residential and non blacklisted routers. Comes at the cost of speed and no #encryption. #infosec #security #privacy

Thanks to @exodus (sorry folks for having put a bit load on your site during the past few days; I'm back to normal now), coverage on what apps on my app listings are tainted by what trackers now is close to 95%

Thanks for offering that great service 🙇

What app listings? These:

Watch out for those monitor icons (really offensive trackers) – but also for those yellow stars (no trackers found) next to the apps 😃

#privacy #android #apps