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I like Free/Libre #Open-Source #Software for its inherent transparency, and the fact that most #FOSS projects are single-purpose and more importantly left alone when they fulfill this purpose. Feature creep is much more common in proprietary software with growth pressure.

How much of #software feature creep happens because when the core product launches there's a staff development team too big to just ensure its maintenance?

@Gargron @Eunomia It's just their view of the internet that scares me a lot. I fear they might someday declare war on #opensource #software because platforms like #Mastodon can't be censored... though I admit that's my paranoia speaking at this point.

I'd only advice everyone to be careful is all. I don't know enough to call the whole project bad at the moment. It might even be an useful idea actually.

#FOSS #SoftwareForge #DrewDeVault : « is one of the most lightweight websites on the internet, with the average page weighing less than 10 KiB, with no tracking and no #JavaScript. Each component - #git hosting, #ContinuousIntegration, etc - is a standalone piece of #software that integrates deeply with the rest of and with the rest of the ecosystem outside of »

[#OSSPARIS18] RDV le 5/12 aux Docks de Paris à 9h15 en Salle Studio Photo pour assister au panel « Renforcer l’éthique du numérique » Animé par @nitot & @gchampeau avec : #QwantMaps, #Picasoft, #CollaborationZeroKnowledge & #PeerTube ➡️ #IA #Data #Software

" #Feminist #Server #Manifestos
A feminist server…

Is a situated technology. She has a sense of context and considers herself to be part of an ecology of practices

Is run for and by a community that cares enough for her in order to make her exist

Builds on the materiality of #software, #hardware and the #bodies gathered around it

Opens herself to expose processes, tools, sources, habits, patterns

Does not strive for seamlessness. Talk of transparency too often signals that something is being made invisible

Avoids efficiency, ease-of-use, scalability and immediacy because they can be traps

Knows that #networking is actually an #awkward, promiscuous and parasitic practice

Is autonomous in the sense that she decides for her own dependencies

Radically questions the conditions for serving and service; experiments with changing client-server relations where she can

Treats network technology as part of a social reality

Wants networks to be mutable and read-write accessible

Does not confuse safety with security

Takes the risk of exposing her insecurity

Tries hard not to apologize when she is sometimes not available "

@wendy presenthing during #radicalnetworks

The utter joy of open source software is finding out someone you didn’t know about liked a project so much they took on themselves to fix something unprompted. ❤️

#FLOSS #OpenSource #Software

Ho mais les Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre c'est déjà ce Samedi à Strasbourg.
Philo, sociaux, techo, … le libre touche à tout et est accessible à tous. C'est même le principe :)

Plus de 200 événements sur le libre, du 7 au 12 juillet. On a un bel [agenda retro] ( pour vous organiser.

#libre #event #strasbourg #software #philosophy #sociology #law #IT #licence #opensource #free #sociologie #philosophie #lois #droitsdauteur #informatique

I've been wandering around in the F-Droid ( app repositories for #android for the last couple of days.

Holy shit, why didn't I start using it earlier? There's some amazing stuff in there. #software

Your help is needed to build a better Diaspora.

At there is a list of tasks to improve Diaspora. Tasks can be problems to solve or new features for the Diaspora.
You can donate some money to each problem based on your interest in improving Diaspora and programmers will work much faster on it.
The more people donate, the sooner we have a free and decentralized social network.

#diaspora #diaspora-dev #software #help #donations



Does anyone know if there's a federated/decentralized/open source alternative to Instagram?

#opensource #foss #federated #software