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[FR]Vous savez vous servir de Github et vous avez envie de traduire une page du site ? Venez faire un tour sur notre nouveau dépôt !
[EN]You know how to use GitHub and want to translate or correct one page of our website? Check-out our new repository:
#contribution #translation

Can someone please tell me why is the Backend of #Mastodon still locked for updates?
I would really like to #translate it 🤦‍♂️
#weblate #translation

Why translation platforms matter

Technical considerations are not the best way to judge a good translation platform. #l10n #translation

Le projet Exodus Privacy qui analyse les traqueurs des applications sur Android, cherche des traducteurs en langue espagnole (à partir du français ou de l’anglais

#traduction #translation #traducción

#TWIF #26 is out! Come read about how #Tagesschau uses F-Droid, our next #translation push, #buildserver #automation, and what's new and fresh in our #app #repository.

More than 7000 languages in the world, including only 23 with more than 50 million speaker, how much are covered by your free software?
Use a #translation platform like #Weblate or competitors, stop asking pull requests.

Oh dear, why zanata? We have no way to get notifications when a new translator join a team, new strings arrive and to peer review... Neither we get commit attribution in git... #peertube #translation

FRAMADATE is a free libre and open source alternative to Doodle

It is currently available in French and English only.
Only a few sentences need translations for the following locales :

* Breton
* Occitan
* German
* Dutch
* Italian
* Spanish

if you can help on #translation, join this platform

(howto is here

Organiser des rendez-vous simplement, librement. - Framadate

Organiser des rendez-vous simplement, librement. - Framadate

Does anyone here have experience running a multi-lingual wordpress site? I'm using a "one page" theme, but all the sections are just form fields, so there's no way to provide separate values for multiple languages. Does anyone know of a decent theme that supports this? TIA.

#wordpress #translation #themes