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yeah, the point is: one of the killer features on #Twitter are the “trends” and the selling point is: twitter knows “what is happening now” and trending tags are a great feature, I can understand why somebody don’t like it, but most twitter users are lost on #mastodon without the “hot topics”. It’ll be really useful to have them active for everybody and admins should be able to disable them on admin panel.

A bot is currently running on the #Mastodon network that regularly create accounts on different instances and spams comments and mentions. It's annoying, for sure, but I realize that I prefer cleaning the spam on my #Friendica node than blocking ad-running accounts on #Twitter.

Going through my #Twitter timeline of the last 30 minutes, I got 22 indirect tweets from people I don’t follow but whose my follower interacted with (follow, like, reply). It’s just filler. Time-consuming filler.


Twitter account protection debriefing

Several months ago I protected my #Twitter account to protect myself from myself. I wasn’t a target of any harassment, but I often couldn’t help myself replying on random people’s replies on a tweet that was shared by my contacts. This regularly devolved into dragged-on, sleep-depriving, anxiety-inducing conversation that lead nowhere.

Today, I’m still sometimes disappointed that I can’t directly reply to my Twitter contacts that aren’t following me back, but I also remind myself that I can come across as annoying on Internet, so little of value is lost in that regard.

But on the other hand, I can’t remember the last time I had a night-long pointless conversation with a random Twitter user who ultimately doesn’t care about what I have to say. It doesn’t happen on #Friendica because I only receive the posts and replies from my direct contacts, which limits my exposure to toxic accounts.

Which means that I don’t have to protect my #Friendica account, and I’m grateful for it.

How to crosspost :

Twitter -> Mastodon ❌
Mastodon -> Twitter ✅

Leave our timelines alone.

#Mastodon #Twitter #Crosspost #politeness

What are you recommending for crossposting #mastodon to #twitter?

LOL Bird site not happy today. Long live #Mastodon #twitter

@Gargron Don't listen to them: With a few minor points which I already expressed, I believe you took the best decisions as a developer so far. #Mastodon is very well optimized and thought through... it's different from #Twitter but in a good way.

« D'1 point de vue pédagogique, je me suis dit que récolter les données du débat d'hier soir (ce qui s'en est dit) sur #Twitter (et les traiter via #gephi) pourrait être intéressant en #EMI... » Rdv le 28/03 à Paris pr en savoir + ! @bookynette @Framasoft


Distancing myself from Twitter

This past week has been rough for me on Twitter, and it was even before the white supremacist terrorist attack on a mosque in new Zealand. The fact is that I can't prevent myself from interjecting myself in online arguments, and then I have to deal with more fruitless debate that I really need.

That's why I decided today to protect my account. I will still be able to follow people and interact with my current followers, but even if I happen to reply to Someone Who's Wrong on the Internet™ (see, it won't be able to degenerate into a travesty of a discussion.

This decision stems from my recent interactions with people who treat debate as a sport or worse, entertainment, and seem to like nothing more than point out to people that they are wrong according to their standards. These accounts even mention "debate", "argument" or "logic" in their bio to further the point that they aren't on Twitter to exchange ideas, just to punch people down with words.

Yes, it is a retreat move letting bad faith people "win" in a way, but you have to pick your online battles, and Twitter's core business model based on post publicity heavily favors bad faith anyway, so it would be an uphill battle even if there was an even distribution of good faith/bad faith accounts.

Besides, Twitter isn't the the only social media platform I'm on. Heck, it isn't even the main one I'm using, so this retreat feels like the next logical step before I leave this wretched platform altogether.

#socialmedia #twitter #debate

La Cour de cassation relaxe définitivement « Maître Eolas » d’injures publiques sur #Twitter -

> En tout cas, désormais j’ai un arrêt de la chambre criminelle de la Cour de cassation qui parle de mon caca, et ça c’est un lifetime achievement. #Cacassation

Maître Eolas 🤣

🇫🇷 De #Twitter :

"Donc sans sourciller la DSI des Vosges vient de demander à tous les admin réseaux de lancer un script pour désinstaller Firefox dans tous les collèges du département et installer Google Chrome par défaut... 🤔"

#Vosges #ConseilGénéral #Collège #Firefox #Chrome

Ever wondered if your #Twitter friends are on #Mastodon?

Try using the official Mastodon Bridge tool to find them:

Click on "Connect Twitter" to get started.

(By the way, this is an opt-in service. Only people who ask to be listed are in the database.)


New #Twitter discovery: notifications from an account that blocked me after replying to one of my tweet show in the Notifications badge but don't appear in the actual notifications.

Anyone interested in a mastodon instance focused on India? I have seen that many Indian users on Twitter have to go through vicious trolling.

The philosophy is to have a hate-speech free version of Twitter for Indians, free of fake news and IT Cells. We'll have bots to follow Modi, Gandhi, Kejriwal, etc. and some news websites. The servers could be crowdfunded.

Boost to show support, comment to discuss.

#India #mastodon #instance #fake #news #free #speech #Twitter

#twitter bans victims of sexual assault too. A lot of people forgot that this #socialcontrolmedia giant actually banned/suspended victims of Weinstein

[#ActuLibre] Plus d’un an sur Mastodon, le « twitter du libre », un premier bilan. #logiciellibre #Informatique #Trucsdegeek #Libreries #Framapiaf #geekeries #Internet #logiciel #Mastodon #twitter #bilan #libre
Plus d’un an sur Mastodon, le « twitter du libre », un premier bilan.

[#ActuLibre] La Fediverse, c’est pas une starteupe #Internetetsociété #LibresServices #ActivityPub #Fédération #Framasoft #Nonclassé #Fediverse #Facebook #mastodon #PeerTube #Pixelfed #Twitter
La Fediverse, c’est pas une starteupe

Etats-Unis: #Twitter supprime des milliers de comptes appelant à s'abstenir aux #midterms

Mais à quoi bon 280 caractères sur Twitter ? -

> Les utilisateurs de Twitter avaient-ils besoin de 280 caractères et ce changement permet-il d'améliorer l'engagement sur le service ? Pas si sûr. Un an après le passage à 280 caractères, les utilisateurs publient en moyenne des message de seulement 33 caractères.

Alors que nous, on vient de voir débarquer le bouton «read more» tellement qu'on est bavard 🙄


@IzzyOnDroid @Liberapay agreed. #PayPal (& #Venmo) is $hit & nothing more than a clearinghouse for finavial data to sell our financial transactions to #databrokers. & #Stripe is #Twitter (owned by Jack) but for your transactions too. #Privacy

RT « Bye bye #Twitter, hello #Mastodon ! »
- Quel est le problème avec Twitter ?
- Pourquoi utiliser Mastodon et pas un autre réseau social nouveau ?

#twitter a fait un nouveau test en listant les comptes à ne plus suivre #digital
Twitter a fait un nouveau test en listant les comptes à ne plus suivre

[#ActuLibre] Les flux RSS, maintenant ! #DégooglisonsInternet #LibertésNumériques #decentralisation #LibresLogiciels #Fédération #syndiquer #Facebook #Twitter #Balkan #RSS #Web #XML
Les flux RSS, maintenant !

RT 💻🔐 Vous aussi, vous avez déjà changé votre mot de passe #Twitter ? Bravo 👏 Pour une sécurité optimale de vos comptes réseaux sociaux, pensez à les modifier régulièrement ! Tous nos conseils ⬇️

Both #Twitter and #Github have reported storing passwords in plaintext over the last two days. I wanted to alleviate any concerns - WE DO NOT STORE PASSWORDS IN PLAINTEXT.

Sure, I could just be saying that. So to help prove this to you guys, here is my user account as it appears in the backend database. I have redacted my personal email and half the hash, because rainbow tables, yo.

Allez, ça c'est fait. Bye bye #twitter, #mastodon is my bae ❤️

Being spammed by emails asking to acknowledge 'new' terms of service? Check out Terms of Service; Didn't Read -

#facebook #linkedin #Twitter #Instagram #google #EtcEtcEtc

#twitter is sending out motivational messages for closing down your account.

#introductions Hi all, this is Roland. Finally something that looks exactly like what I have always wanted from #twitter: Multiple columns, clear navigation, an approriate amount of characters and somewhat decentralised. Thanks, @Gargron. :)

Bon je viens de comprendre pourquoi #Twitter considère mes touittes (préparés à l'avance) comme des spams : j'utilise le raccourcisseur d'URL de @Framasoft ce qui n'a pas l'air de lui plaire. Je poste le même message avec une URL venant de (par exemple) et ça passe sans soucis 🤔